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"Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Reunion Concludes With Insults Flying

Tallie Johnson |
April 23, 2012 | 10:27 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" brought the drama to the reunion (bravotv.com)
"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" brought the drama to the reunion (bravotv.com)
"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" had their final reunion episode Sunday night that brought more drama than the entire season.

Andy Cohen always does his job in keeping the woman as reigned in as possible.

Nonetheless, we have to ask: Does anyone like each other?

Marlo seems to have a real problem with Kandi. Marlo says she makes money off the haters. How exactly does she do that? She is not even a real cast member! Kandi is sucked into Marlo’s irrational rants, and defends herself.

Andy asks Kandi what she thinks of Marlo calling her a sugar mama. Kandi laughs it off. Kandi was more upset at Marlo for trying to get Kandi and Kim into an argument by saying Kandi was like a big poppa in front of Kroy.

Marlo says Kandi is dating a Bravo staff guy who works on production, who doesn’t really make that much money and drives Kandi’s car. Kandi finally breaks saying: “I don’t care if I took care of every mother**** in here. I could!” (Kandi got it like that!)

Nene tries to keep the peace. Andy points out that it’s strange Nene is a peacemaker when Marlo is around. Why does Nene feel the need to help Marlo out?

The ladies bring up South Africa and how they really bonded. If by bonding they mean more catfights, then yes they bonded. Sheree fesses up that she and Marlo went a bit nuts in Africa. Sheree claims she doesn’t even remember that moment. Marlo still has a grudge that she was not invited to Sheree’s friend dinner in Africa. (Never mind the fact that Marlo was not exactly invited to go to South Africa in the first place).

Andy call out Marlo on her f**ot comment and for continuously lying about it. Marlo owns up to it finally, probably only because it was taped. A viewer asked Marlo why she was throwing money in South Africa. She says she is from St. Petersburg, Florida and “they make it rain.” Kandi says if Marlo keeps it up she will be giving Marlo money.

They show clips of Sheree from past seasons. Sheree of course is at the center of many arguments and drama. Do you remember, “Who gone check me boo?” Classic Sheree. She admits she is not proud of all of those moments. She says she blacks out at some of the arguments.

Nene and Kim will probably never be friends again. Kim does congratulate Nene on her recurring role on "Glee." It sounds sincere. Nene says she is the one who brought both the Kim and Sheree onto the show. Kim is thankful because it ultimately led her to her husband. Sheree on the other hand never said thank you.

Nene still calls Kim the boss of the smalls. All the woman claim to be their own boss. Cynthia is called out for being "wishy washy" when Nene is around. Kandi tells Cynthia that her opinion changes completely when Nene is there. Cynthia of course attempts to defend herself.

Kim defends dating Big Poppa, even though he was married. (This is so old!) Nene seems to enjoy Kim trying to once again defend that relationship.

Each of the ladies talk about their current ventures:

-Nene has a wine coming out.
-Kandi is still working on her Bedroom Kandi and she is in love (Is it the Bravo production guy?)
-Phaedra is still working on her funeral business and wants to do a workout video to help women get a "donkey booty." 
-Sheree is still talking about She By Sheree (She needs to let that go)
-Kim has her spinoff show that starts this Thursday 

Andy ends by handing out t-shirts that read, I’m a Tall and I’m a Small. Looks like the battle of height is on hiatus for now.

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