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"Khloe And Lamar" Recap: Babies And Basketball

Anna Zhang |
April 16, 2012 | 9:34 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Has Lamar finally made peace with the big trade? (E! Entertainment)
Has Lamar finally made peace with the big trade? (E! Entertainment)
Last week on “Khloe and Lamar,” we were left with feelings of anxiety and worry as the couple fought intensely on camera. Their move to Dallas and Lamar’s trade to the Mavericks sparked tension and drama, proving to be almost too much for the relationship to handle. For the first time, we wondered whether Khlomar would last. Above all, what on earth would E! do? Viewers need at least four Kardashian-related reality shows at all times! 

Out with the old problems, in with the new: now that house shopping has been completed, the pressure’s on for Khloe and Lamar to have children. Awkward conversation ensues between the two when the topic of babies comes up in the middle of a romantic dinner out. 

The issue of pregnancy has been an ongoing struggle for Khloe. She’s been pressured to start a family ever since she married Lamar, but unlike her incredibly fertile big sister Kourtney, Khloe hasn’t had any luck yet. Her family members have whined and nagged at the subject for some time. So unlike those Kardashians, right? We’re sure a little added stress is exactly what Khloe wants from her loved ones. 

Lamar has problems of his own. He hasn’t shown much enthusiasm for his new team thus far. His performance on the court, both physically and mentally, has been slacking. He continuously questions his comfortability in Dallas. After a mediocre game, his ex-coach even sent him an email essentially telling him to pull himself together. Talk about an ego killer. Plus, we learn that a lot of his inability to get back into the game has to do with the recent deaths of a son and one of his cousins. According to Khloe, Lamar never took the time to deal with his grief. Really, could anything possibly add to the anxiety monster currently eating Khlomar alive? 

Cue Kim K., in from sweet home L.A. Sisterly love is a beautiful thing, but given Kim and Khloe’s recent fight regarding Khloe’s “evil troll”-like characteristics, this visit has the potential to do more damage than good.

Khloe discusses her fertility insecurities with Kim. Although Khlo attempts to hide her jealousy of Kourtney’s second pregnancy, she brings up the subject multiple times, only making it more obvious that she’s envious of her sister. After Kourtney dragged the once-slimy, now-adorable Scott Disick into the family and had their first son Mason, we can’t blame Khloe for being a little upset that she and her husband haven’t been able to have kids, something the two have been planning for for awhile now.

Kim strikes up a conversation regarding alternative conception methods as she and Khloe walk around the zoo (doesn’t everybody do that?). She suggests In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), only to be rejected by Khloe who strongly believes that what’s meant to happen will happen. Plus, there’s nothing medically wrong with Khloe, making her uncomfortable with the idea of getting extra help just yet. Not surprisingly, she makes sure Kim hears her take on IVF loud and clear. You go, girl. 

A common occurrence, Khloe is fed up with Kim and calls Kourtney for advice. Kourt can’t exactly relate – she is the one getting pregnant left and right without even trying, after all – but she does help in comforting Khloe by agreeing that it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen. 

Kim is anything but a stress-reducer, but Khloe still makes the mature move and apologizes for lashing out at her. We see the Kardashians behaving like adults here. Inspiration at its finest, eh? To top it off, Lamar starts to feel like he might be progressing in the basketball department. After this week, it’s safe to say those nasty divorce rumors are off the menu. Way to go, Khlomar, makin’ it work as always.

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