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"Gossip Girl" Episode 18 Recap: Con Heir

Surabhi Srivastava |
April 3, 2012 | 1:33 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Ivy and Lily battle it out for the Rhodes inheritance. Image courtesy of the CW Network
Ivy and Lily battle it out for the Rhodes inheritance. Image courtesy of the CW Network
It has been a few weeks, so lets recap before I get to the recap. Blair and Dan are officially together, Serena has been handed down the power of "Gossip Girl" by Georgina, William is also Lola's father, and Chuck found out that Jack saved his life by giving him blood.

To thank Jack for saving his life, Chuck showers him with beautiful, scantily clad women and creates a hospital ward in his honor. Turns out someone else donated the blood and Jack is just covering for them. Chuck thinks its Elizabeth, the woman who pretended to be his mother but then denied it, but we know better after Jack has a phone conversation with a mysterious woman who was clearly the donor. 

Lily is so not happy to be living in Brooklyn and is just itching to get out, something that Rufus notices but continues to ignore. Unfortunately for Dan and Blair, having the entire family in the loft means that they get zero privacy and keep running into bad luck every time they try to have sex. They try, and fail. Then they try again, and fail. Finally they get the chance to, and it sucks. Then boo hoo they both drink their sorrows away and go confide in their friends about the bad sex instead of telling each other themselves. Then in a drunken stupor they confess the truth to each other and suddenly have amazing elevator sex. How many times have we seen that same scenario modified in countless different movies and show? Talk about a snoozefest. Though I have to admit, despite being very anti-Dair myself, there are a few moments in this episode where they look positively adorable and I manage to crack a smile. 

Serena is working on a harsh story about Ivy Dickens when she receives Georgina's package with "Gossip Girl's" laptop. She immediately takes to the job and starts by posting hateful things about Ivy. She hides the fact that she is now "Gossip Girl" from Nate, who thinks that she is merely tipping off "Gossip Girl." Too bad by the end of the episode, "Gossip Girl" figure out that Serena is running her website and demands for it back. Poor Serena only got to play the part for a few days, though she made enough of a mess of her life in that short span of time.

Lily and William devise a plan by which to trap Ivy and get the Rhodes inheritance back. William tells Ivy to throw a party to honor CeCe and asks for money in return for ensuring that people will attend the party. Ivy, desperate to enter the new social world she has been thrown into, agrees. They are just about to catch her for trying to "bribe" William when a "Gossip Girl" blast sent out by Serena intending to shame Ivy actually warns of of the trap being set and the mission is unsuccessful.

But just then Lola steps forward and agrees to be a witness in the case because she overheard Ivy offering to pay William the money. She is vary of her new family but thinks she is doing the right thing. I wonder how long it's going to take the Upper East Side to suck her up and turn her into one of them.

Finally, Nate fires Serena for leaking the Ivy Dickens story. An investor was interested in the exclusive and took his money out when the story came out on "Gossip Girl." Just as Nate and Lola share a moment, Nate gets a call from his lawyer about a new potential investor; Diana. Coincidence that Jack talks to some mystery woman on the phone and asks her to come back and the next second Diana returns? I think not.

Tune in next week to see Diana and Lola battle it out for pretty boy.

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