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Gaia Repossi Launches Her Newest Jewelry Line For Barneys New York

Samantha Katzman |
April 21, 2012 | 11:42 a.m. PDT


A party was held Friday night at The Jane Hotel in New York celebrating the launch of Gaia Repossi’s self-named jewelry line Repossi. Barneys New York as well as MaxMara will carry the line, and the celebration drew some of the company’s biggest names and celebrities out to toast with the designer. 

Gaia Repossi (image found at fashionwindows.com)
Gaia Repossi (image found at fashionwindows.com)

Daughter of famed jewelry designer Alberto Repossi, Gaia is next in line through generations of Repossi jewel makers. Started by her great grandfather in 1920, Repossi expanded their business out from Italy, even becoming the official jeweler to royalty around the globe, including the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. 

Since the age of twenty, Gaia has served as the artistic director for the company.  In 2007, Gaia gained American attention in the New York Times in an article about Parisian jewelry, praising her unique, luxurious style. Repossi had recently released a line to reach out to a more youthful crowd, and the eleven pieces used Russian inspiration for rings, earrings and cuffs that had a vintage look while appealing to a younger crowd. 

The Repossi family has collaborated with minds like Alexander Wang, and been seen on red carpets adorning stars like Diane Kruger, Drew Barrymore, Freida Pinto, and Gwyneth Paltrow

Gaia’s studies at the University of Sorbonne in anthropology, art history, and archaeology shine through in her new collection. 

The dinner at Café Gitane buzzed with guests such as Alexander Wang, Rachel Chandler Guinness, Dree Hemingway, Max Snow, Jeremy Everett and Barney’s Mark Lee, Daniella Vitale and Simon Doonan. All came to praise the newest Repossi for her tradition infused pieces recognizable from New York to Tokyo. 




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