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Electro-Acoustic Singer Monica Lionheart Releases New Solo Album

Anabell Romero |
April 14, 2012 | 10:08 a.m. PDT

Staff Writer

Monica Lionheart
Monica Lionheart
NYC-based electro-acoustic singer, songwriter Monica Lionheart shows her originality in her new solo album, “Indian Summer.”  Lionheart is best known for her work with electro-rock band, Zigmat and for her sexy vocals as the lead singer for Latino indie group, Pacha Massive.

In this album, Lionheart exposes who she really is as an artist and an individual. She did not allow anything or anyone to get in her way of showing the world the unique and sensual performer she is.

“I wanted to make it representative of where I am and where I’ve arrived,” said Lionheart.   

Her celestial melodies, her English and Spanish revealing lyrics and the mixture of exotic instruments and digital beats give a rawness to the album.

Her songs are as therapeutic to listen to as they were for her recording them. They bring a sense of calmness to the soul like with the song “Circles,” which features world-renowned cellist, Yoed Nir, even though the lyrics are deeper than ordinary tracks, but the collaboration was brilliant.

Lionheart revealed that some of the intimacy bared in her music came from personal life experiences.

“I spent like two months in complete isolation writing this album at the end of a relationship, and it was sort of a reflection point,” she said.

She also features some fresh groovy songs like “Escape Strategy,” that make you feel like you are escaping reality for a few minutes by getting lost in the eclectic mix of tunes and her tantalizing voice.  Her entire album is that way.

“[I] really had a moment of introspection and was able to put out, connect and fine tune the entire body of work in a way that makes sense,” said Lionheart.

Her Spanish songs are also gentle but captivating like “Relampago,” that has an erotic feel to it. Guarantee that when you listen to the album once you’ll go back for some more.

To download her new track “Escape Strategy” for free on iTunes, click here.

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