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"Dancing With The Stars:" Will the Top Scorers Make It Through?

Anita Dukart |
April 11, 2012 | 6:17 p.m. PDT

Contributing Writer


Sherri Shepherd's tearful exit. (ABC)
Sherri Shepherd's tearful exit. (ABC)
This was quite the week: Hard rock dances, leader board turnover, and even a run to the hospital! KISS opens the results show. I’m going to withhold any comments about these makeup-clad boys because I have a feeling that I just don’t understand them due to generational differences. (Wink).

Melissa and Gavin are the first to find out their fate, but unfortunately, Melissa isn’t at the ceremony because she got a mild concussion at the performance show Monday. Melissa and Max find out that they are safe, and Gavin and Karina are too. I’m a happy girl. I love Gavin! 

Donald and Peeta do the season’s first encore performance, a pasa doble to Purple Haze. They look great. I love watching this number. Donald is proud and defiant, just as he should be. I also have to mention that I am a total sucker for the throw-the-girl-on-the-ground-while-she-twists-around-like-a-knocked-over-bowling-pin move that they ended their dance with. It’s always impressive.

The next three couples to find out about their score are Maria and Derek, Gladys and Tristan, and Jaleel and Kim. My favorite of these three numbers was definitely Maria and Derek’s dance. “Schools Out For Summer” was a great choice, and they killed it. Anyone else suspect a little something-something between those two? They’re safe. Jaleel and Kim, and Gladys and Tristan also make it through to the next week. 

Karina and Jose Manuel Carreno perform a ballet-inspired tango that is truly incredible. You can see the way his ballet background informs his tango—his lines are incredibly extended, and his turns are seem effortless. I love watching these two dance. They truly make it look easy.

 Donald and Peeta, and Roshon and Chelsea are the next to find out how they did. They earned the two highest scores of the night. Donald and Peeta find out that they are safe, leaving Roshon and Chelsea in the bottom two. 

Next up, we get a little sneak peek into the Las Vegas show for "Dancing with the Stars," which looks like it could be majorly fun.

The next three dancers who are on the chopping block are Sherri, William (drool) and Katherine, each of whom had a rough night on Monday. Katherine and Mark make it through to next week, and William and Cheryl also make it through to the next week. How could they not?! 

Sherri and Val are told they aren’t safe, and she looks truly upset. She ends up getting eliminated. It’s upsetting to watch how sad she is to go. I think that she had a good experience, though.

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