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Dallas Tornadoes Damage Hundreds Of Homes

Hannah Madans |
April 4, 2012 | 1:17 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Many tornadoes swept Texas Tuesday (courtesy Creative Commons)
Many tornadoes swept Texas Tuesday (courtesy Creative Commons)
A number of tornadoes swept through North Texas Tuesday, destroying hundreds of homes and causing many residents to relocate.

The National Weather Service said that up to a dozen tornadoes touched the ground in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Thousands were let without power and hundreds of homes were destroyed.

Despite the intensity of the tornadoes, they were fairly slow-moving and only a few people were hurt. There have been no reported fatalities, according to the Washington Post.

The Red Cross estimates that 650 homes have been damaged.

In Lancaster, a suburb 15 miles south of Dallas 10 people were injured and 300 buildings were damaged, reports the L.A. Times. More than 200 people briefly went to a shelter at the city’s recreation center before finding other places to stay for the night.

Lancaster Mayor Marcus Knight declared a disaster.

Watch videos taken by residents of affected areas here.



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