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Madisonpark Collective At Style Fashion Week LA

Livia Soong |
March 31, 2012 | 5:21 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Madisonpark Collective Fall 2012 (The LA Fashion)
Madisonpark Collective Fall 2012 (The LA Fashion)
Madisonpark Collective presented its menswear line during Style Fashion Week in downtown Los Angeles. 

Launched in August of 2010, Madisonpark Collective combines vintage and modern to create a paradoxically rugged yet put together look.

The fashion show took ‘show’ to a new level. It began with flashes of colored lights when dancers got up alongside the runway. To a bumping soundtrack and pumped up crowd, they finished their routine on stage to set up for the summer 2012 line.

The collection was completely wearable straight off the runway. Everything looked casually comfortable, like the effortless style you would see on the streets from New York City to Los Angeles. The line featured mostly t-shirts, jeans and some knitwear that made subtle statements with their bold pops of color. 

One of the most notable styles was the colored trousers that were detailed with a signature gray hem. As most of the line was pretty basic, the colors of the tux trousers really raise the collection to a step above from your typical retailer. 

To transition from summer to fall, the dancers got up on the runway and did another number, again rallying the crowd and maintaining that “urban jungle” vibe. With the fall line, the shift of emphasis turned to the fabrics and textures instead of the colors. Featuring a largely neutral color palette, the variety of pieces ranged from beaten up leather to soft cashmere. 

A lot of the looks were accessorized with scarves and snoods that came in a couple or different colors. One of the highlights from the fall collection was a sandy colored cowl neck with a red collar. As simple as it was, it was one of those things where a minor detail made all the difference. Another stunning piece was a rich brown leather bomber jacket. As far as leather jackets, this is a must-have for the season. 

With Madisonpark Collective’s fall line, a point worth mentioning is there creative use of recycled fabrics. The jackets were made out of deconstructed mail bags from WWII. Some of the jackets still kept a little bit of the original details from the canvases, giving the clothing a true vintage feel. 

Madisonpark’s L.A. show was a definite success. From the soundtrack to the dancers to the clothing, the brand was well-represented. With its preppy meets edgy style, Madisonpark Collective fits right in to L.A. 

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