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"Khloe & Lamar" Recap: No Turkey For Khloe?

Anna Zhang |
March 11, 2012 | 11:31 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

This week on “Khloe & Lamar,” Khlo learns a lesson in communication and Jamie gets a reality check when he catches the acting bug (as if L.A. needs more of those running around). 

Khloe & Lamar airs Sundays on E! (E! Entertainment)
Khloe & Lamar airs Sundays on E! (E! Entertainment)

The episode opens in – where else? – Khloe and Lamar’s bedroom as they cuddle while talking to Kourtney on the phone. They’ve always been such a close, comfortable family. 

As the NBA lockout continues to haunt Lamar’s restless nights and boring days, he has resorted to activities such as hangman and baking. The poor guy is going a little bit insane, and his NBA homesickness only gets worse when he rediscovers his Lakers jersey while rummaging through his closet. 

Lamar’s BFF Jamie has gained considerable recognition from being so well-connected to the Kardashian-Odom clan. His guest spot on a radio show (as an insider with info on his celebrity friends) seems to be enough to make him think he’s well-known enough, funny enough, and talented enough to nab any acting role he wants. He’s clearly a quirky, funny dude, but anyone who knows anything about the business would be smart enough to tell Jamie he’s gone a little crazy. Ever-candid Khloe has no problem letting Jamie know that his head shots resemble those of a pedophile.

Shortly after Lamar’s emotional encounter with his jersey, his agent calls with exciting news: he could potentially play basketball in Turkey while the NBA takes its time to sort out the lockout! As a man in dire need of b-ball back in his life, he’s interested in the opportunity. Khloe, on the other hand, is not. She’s worried that her Armenian fan base would not approve, given the controversial Armenian genocide (1915-1923) that the Turkish deny to this day. For some uncharacteristic reason, Khloe keeps mum about this in front of Lamar, wanting to support him no matter what. It’s an admirable move on her part, but we’re talking deep roots with victims of genocide versus overseas basketball here…

Meanwhile, Khloe’s pal Malika, who played a supporting role in the film “Sky High,” takes some time to educate Jamie on the business in which he’s chosen to take by storm. Despite the advice, he bombs his first audition. Probably a blessing in disguise as he judges whether or not he’s taking this venture seriously.

Khloe consults sister Kim and stepdad Bruce Jenner for advice upon learning that Lamar is leaning towards accepting the offer to play in Turkey. Both family members warn that while it’s kind to stick by your partner, you’ve got to be open and honest – especially regarding an issue as emotional and personal as this one. 

Understandably embarrassed about his audition flop, supportive buddies Malika and Rob take Jamie to an acting class. Aside from his thinking the teacher was into him just because of a few compliments, he didn’t do half bad. Turns out classes are actually helping people achieve their goals these days. 

Khloe finally confronts Lamar with her feelings about the Turkey situation. How does Lam Lam the teddy bear react? Like any “Khloe & Lamar” fan would expect: with ease, understanding, and comfort. He totally sees where Khlo is coming from. The couple has always put their effort to make decisions together (“as a team!”) before anything else, and that guideline has definitely worked its magic here. 

Before any final Turkey-related decisions can be made, the news breaks that the NBA lockout has finally come to an end. That means ta ta, Turkey, and – as most of us who follow E! and/or the NBA know by now – hello, Dallas!

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