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"Jersey Shore" Recap: The Season Finale

Briana Ward |
March 15, 2012 | 11:56 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer

"Jersey Shore" Airs Thursdays on MTV (MTV)
"Jersey Shore" Airs Thursdays on MTV (MTV)

The roommates’ summer comes to an end on this week’s season finale of "Jersey Shore."

Everyone thinks Pauly and Vinny’s prank is awesome. Except for Mike. So he gets ragged on for not being able to take a joke. However, when the roommates hear it’s about to rain they see that Mike might have a point. Everyone rushes to the roof in a mad panic to get their stuff back in the dry house. Mike decides to be grumpy and just complain about how his stuff is going to get wet, instead of moving his stuff indoors. So... Mike will sleep with any girl who will spread her legs for him, but complains to the point of everyone in the house wanting to kill him if his stuff gets a little wet. Now that’s a real situation.

The girls, minus Jwoww, decide they need to get the boys back for all the pranks they’ve pulled on them over the summer. They get a bunch of water balloons and decide to hit the boys who are on the adjoining deck.  They load the first water balloon into a slingshot and fire it at Pauly. They miss him, but manage to hit the glass window right beneath him and shatter it. If it would have actually hit Pauly, it might have knocked the blow out right off his head. The boys get some water ballons, squirt guns, and buckets of water and completely drench the girls. Sam and Snookie call a truce, but Deena continues to try to get them. She is finally forced into submission when Vinny lifts her up, throws her in the Jacuzzi, puts the lid on it, and says, “We should leave her there until next summer”.

Although everyone had their fair share of ups and downs this season, Vinny went through the most drastic transformation. When he got to the shore house he was whiny and super annoying and had to go home because he was “stressed out”. Getting paid to drink, have sex, and party all the time must be super stressful. However, he did end this season like a champ. On this episode Vinny smushes not one, but two lesbians. At the same time.  According to Vinny, “It was the coolest thing I ever did”. Talk about ending the season with a bang (pun intended).

In other roommate news… Everyone says goodbye.

Ron and Sammie got applause from the other roommates for not turning this season into the Ron and Sam show.

Mike says, “I’m going to miss wine bottles being thrown at my head”. To which Pauly replies, “I’m going to miss seeing wine bottles get thrown at your head.”

Snookie does shots as she waits for her ride and says goodbye to every object in the house.

Deena hopes she gets a gorilla juicehead as a cab driver to take her home.

Vinny says the sweetest thing ever about his bff. “Saying goodbye to Pauly isn’t bittersweet. It’s just bitter.

And Jwoww sums up the summer. “Me and my roommates have been together for the last 110 days. That’s like doing a bit in jail.”

Now with Pauly getting his own spin-off and Snookie dealing with her pregnancy and engagement, the future of "Jersey Shore" remains uncertain.

However, the image of tanned, tattooed, toned guidos will forever be imprinted in our minds.

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