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"Jersey Shore" Recap: A House In Disarray

Briana Ward |
March 9, 2012 | 12:01 a.m. PST

Staff Writer

"Jersey Shore" Airs Thursdays on MTV (MTV)
"Jersey Shore" Airs Thursdays on MTV (MTV)
The shore house encountered some big changes on this week’s episode.

All season long, Mike has been plotting against Snooki. He wants to tell Snooki’s boyfriend, Jionni, about how Snooki allegedly cheated on him shortly before the group went to Italy. Mike finally decides that he’s waited long enough. He corners Jionni in the kitchen and flat out tells him that he hooked up with Snooki. Jionni doesn’t say much and just goes back to Snooki’s room. He then proceeds to tell Snooki what just happened. She’s obviously super mad, but decides to deal with it later.

Later that day the two troublemakers share some snarky comments, such as  Snooki saying to Mike, “I want you to die and rot in a hole.” However, the real fight comes that night.

The roommates are having their weekly roommate family dinner when they start throwing food at each other. However, the playful food fight soon turns into an all out war between Snooki and The Situation. The roommates all sit and watch while Snooki and Mike take turns pelting each other with food and condiments, destroying the house in the process. All the while Snooki yells at Mike about what a bad friend he is and how she can’t trust him. It’s pretty clear something happened between Snooki and Mike. Obviously, it doesn’t bother Jionni, since it was confirmed this week that he is not only Snookie’s baby daddy but that the two are engaged.

The house gets messed up again when Vinny and Pauly decide to pull their biggest prank yet. All of the roommates decide to go camping, except for the VP part of MVP. The two hash out a plot to put all of the indoor furniture outside and all of the outdoor furniture inside. Seems simple enough. However, the boys don’t just put one room’s worth of furniture outside; they put every piece of furniture in the house outside on the roof. They even enlist the help of the Shore Store owner, Danny, who says, “I’m in if it’s against the meatballs.” Danny and his Shore Store crew even bring over Astroturf to cover the entire living room of the house. All in all it’s a pretty awesome prank, and Vinny and Pauly certainly live up to their VP title.

In other roommate news…

Deena’s sad because she’s the only single girl in the house. So she tries to go see the boy who she knows is just using her for sex. Luckily, the roommates talk her out of that one. She says of her sad, single situation, “It’s like one meatball stands alone.”

Mike is crazy. When the roommates go camping he gets freakishly weird on them. He starts having this strange desire to play with fire. Deena says, “Mike put down the fire. He’s like one of those people, a hermaphrodite or whatever that it.” Pyromaniac, hermaphrodite it’s all the same in Deena’s eyes. Mike also starts to become paranoid that a bear is going to attack them and that someone is hiding in the bushes. The roommates sum up their experience best when they say, “If I ever go camping again it won’t be in a tent. Or with Mike."

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