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CSU To Freeze Enrollment For Spring 2013

NT Staff Reporters |
March 20, 2012 | 3:28 p.m. PDT

CSU Los Angeles, Courtesy of Wikipedia
CSU Los Angeles, Courtesy of Wikipedia
In the face of massive funding cuts, Cal State University schools have announced they will freeze Spring 2013 enrollment at most of their 23 campuses, potentially denying more than 10,000 students entry to the school system. The schools also plan to waitlist all Fall 2013 acceptances pending voter approval of a tax increase.

Eight of the CSU campuses will accept a few hundred transfer students from community colleges, but the thousands of students would be turned away in an effort to bridge a $750 million budget shortfall.

Should voters turn down Gov. Jerry Brown's propsed tax increase in November of this year, another $200 million will need to be cut.

"The idea again is that we're trying to reduce our enrollment to better match the funding available based on massive budget cuts we've received in the last several years," Michael Uhlenkamp, a CSU spokesman, told ABC 30.

The Cal State system has 427,000 students and 44,000 faculty and staff that churns out the largest share of bachelor degrees in California.

Both Cal State and the University of California system have been forced to grapple with the severe budget cuts coming from Sacramento. Last Fall, CSU schools voted to raise tuition 9.1 percent, up to $5,970 for Fall 2012 and triple the cost from a decade ago.

The move resulted in massive student protests and clashes with university police.



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