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Chicly Celine: Paris Fashion Week

Zoe Chait |
March 4, 2012 | 11:05 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Designer Phoebe Philo rarely strays from her go-to, elegancy minimalism. Howeverthis collection retains a touch of playfulness in its noticeably oversized demeanor and superb use of color.

The 2012 Celine Autumn/Winter collection is a geometric-inspired minimalist series of perfectly boxy tailored coats, leather paneled jackets, and colorful furs.

Color blocking was a common thread in the collection from rusty oranges coupled with bright blues and camel tones to luscious pink alongside navy fur.

Philo’s leather shirts, dresses, and paneled jackets were a modern, sophisticated touch to the effortless slacks in the collection.

The overall triumph of the Celine Collection was clever tailoring. Weather it was zippers that mimic the female hourglass shape or loosely fitting leather, Philo managed to relay images of feminine elegance by means of masculine shapes and exaggerated silhouettes. 

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