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"American Idol's" Heejun Han Reveals Jennifer Lopez Wanted To Save Him

Christina Hong |
March 30, 2012 | 4:19 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

"American Idol" (FOX)
"American Idol" (FOX)
He was the entertainment of the show. One of the most hilarious contestants that was able to bring America together in laughs, while also showing his desire to win the competition.  Heejn Han, the 22-year-old from Flushing, NY was the fifth finalist sent home from the eleventh season of American Idol, after receiving the lowest votes on Wednesday night. 

While the Idol judges did not save Han, apparently Jennifer Lopez tried to persuade Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler to use the lifeline on him.  

“Jennifer actually came up to me and said, ‘I really, really tried to save you, but they wouldn’t listen to me!’ and I said, ‘It’s OK, baby, it happens all the time.’ Those judges suck, but Jennifer is awesome,” he laughed. “[And] Jimmy Lovine needs to get himself a new pair of glasses and new hat, because he’s been wearing that for a fricking long time. No, Jimmy was a great mentor, I respect him a lot. I [just] hope I don’t see him anytime soon, because I’ve been talking a lot of crap about him.”

Heejun also revealed that Lopez had approached him all teary-eyed and said, “ ‘I was convincing them to save you, but I lost,’ ” he says.  “But only her vote counts for me I guess, but Randy and Steven can just…whatever.” 

In a conference call with reporters on Friday, Han talked to Reality TV World about his experience on the show. Explaining whether he was surprise he got booted off the show and what his chances were of the judges using their one-time save on him so early in the competition.

“It was too early. It was way too early to use their card. I’m pretty sure they’re saving it for some other people. It was fair and square,” said Han after explaining that he was not surprised the judges did not use their save on him. 

While his exit was not shocking to many, it was ironically Han’s best performance of Donny Hathaway’s “A Song for You,” earning him a standing ovation and high regard from the judges. 

The comedic singer was still on high hopes as he was glad to have left the show on such a high note. 

"I would be sad if I were to go home when I was [in the] top nine, top seven, top six — I would be so sad anyways," he said. "But, you know, I'm just happy, because I finished really great, and I feel like I proved a lot of things to the world, so I'm kind of in an excited place, actually." 

While his time on the show has ended, Han says that he has no regrets about anything he did.  The contestant believes that his audition was able to prove to people that anyone can accomplish their goals if they put their mind to it.

"I started off this competition to prove to the world that, if you really believe in yourself, you can become someone regardless of who you are ... and that's what I did, that's what I proved," he said. "I never thought I could be a star or anything like that, and I'm not yet, but I want to take this chance to make something out of it, to prove to more people that you can become someone." 

Heejun also had some advice to the future Idol contestants. "Do not try this at home. I'm just kidding. Singing competition, model competition, anything, when it comes down to competition, it's literally just saying you're competing against each other," he says. "It's The Hunger Games, but it's not killing each other. Why do you always have to be so serious when only one person is going to survive? You might as well have fun and have a thick skin and stay true to yourself." 

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