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"The Voice" Season Premiere Rocks The House

Chanel Lake |
February 5, 2012 | 9:20 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

"The Voice" returns Mondays at 8 on NBC (NBC)
"The Voice" returns Mondays at 8 on NBC (NBC)
More competition. More talent. "The Voice" is back with its season premiere that aired Sunday after the Super Bowl. This year's season seems that it won't disappoint those fans who are intrigued by the talent, judges, and unique concept. Its two-part season premiere on NBC emerged strong with a slew of talent for every genre of music. This early display of the successive talent in the blind auditions proves that the show is up for another fantastic season.

Blake Shelton, "The Voice's" resident country expert nabbed the first contestant who sang an interesting rendition of one of his wife's (Miranda Lambert) songs. Yet, it wasn't until Jesse Campbell (video below) took that stage that the competition really showcased the high level of talent. His soulful tone and smooth pitch influenced all of the judges to turn their chairs around. Cee Lo said, "You touched me deep down, my brother," yet it was ultimately judge Christina Aguilera who won Campbell over to choose her team.

Although the show focuses on the individuals with extraordinary talent, some contestants are not as lucky to be a part of a team. Daniel Rosa, who had hoped to gain confirmation from the judges that he had real talent, was unfortunately let down. This showcase of the talent, both unique and lackluster, credits "The Voice" for its authentic approach to find a winner.

Juliet Sims & Chris Mann both displayed opposite musical backgrounds, but continued to impress the judges. Juliet's rock-soul voice captivated the judges and caused the season's first fight between Christina and Adam. On the other hand, Chris' classical background inspired the judges and defies the show's basis for a distinct musical genre. A blast from Christina Aguilera's Mickey Mouse Club days occurred when Tony Lucca, her former castmate, blew all of the judges away.

Sunday night's premiere ended on a high note as each of the judges vied to ultimately be the winning mentor of "The Voice". The preview of Monday night's episode looks to be a must see episode where the star power of the contestants is ignited. Make sure to tune into night two of the blind auditions at 8 PM on NBC.

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