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Top LA Blog: Streetgeist

Kelly Kinsella, Jordan Caldwell |
February 4, 2012 | 2:10 p.m. PST

Staff Reporters

(Image Courtesy Streetgeist.com)
(Image Courtesy Streetgeist.com)
Streetgeist is a street style blog born from two longtime friends, Alkistis Tsitouri and Aris Karatarakis.  The blog originated in Greece in 2008, but the team decided to take their "photographic journey" to the streets of Los Angeles in 2010. Streetgeist is unique in many ways, but one aspect that really sets it apart from other blogs is its use of true street style.  Anyone can be featured on the site, giving the blog the ability to showcase a variety of trends. Alkistis Tsitouri and Aris Karatarakis photograph individuals they randomly encounter on the street, instead of the runway, making the site perfect for readers who aspire to be fashionable and want relatable examples.

Another advantage to featuring street style is the diverse backdrops.  Streetgeist breaks away from the normal white background so the viewer can get a sense of the environment where the picture was taken. This makes the blog especially relatable to LA readers who may recognize the backdrops and hope to have their own photograph taken next time they stroll down the streets of Beverly Hills.  The signature style of the blog exemplifies photographic typology. As said by Alkistis, “I am using the same composition to allow the viewer to focus on the difference in subject's style, as opposed to composition. “

3 Reasons We Love Streetgeist:

1. DIVERSITY-The blog features men and women equally, while showcasing an array of ethnicities and styles.  Anyone can relate to the individuals and their fashion choices.

2. UNBIASED- Alkistis and Aris post simply their photos, not their opinions through captions or comments, so viewers are not swayed by the bloggers’ own style.  In other words, Streetgeist is not limited to one trend and viewers can interpret the looks as they choose.

3. PHOTOGRAPHY- In each photo, the subject is posed plainly in the foreground with a blurred background, which keeps the blog consistent and focused on the clothes. The pictures are consistently pleasing to the eye and exemplify a high quality.


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