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Chewse Gives A Taste of Downtown: Spring Edition

Tanaya Ghosh |
February 8, 2012 | 5:41 p.m. PST

Food Editor

Taste of Downtown LA's Spring edition was a hit with hungry attendees (Chewse.com)
Taste of Downtown LA's Spring edition was a hit with hungry attendees (Chewse.com)
On Wednesday, Chewse brought gastronomical delights from downtown restaurants to the USC campus once again. The Spring edition of Taste of Downtown L.A. was the perfect opportunity to fill up on a diverse collection of tasty bites and sips.

Everything from meatballs to milk tea were served in USC's McCarthy Quad, as 7 vendors served up samples of their cuisine. Giving attendees a chance to taste some of the options available for catering, Chewse's novel concept allows its website visitors to select their price range and date of their upcoming event, then matches up local eateries and their catering menus and price per plate.

The fare at the event included deep fried peppers stuffed with fish and topped with a delicious aioli from Chichen Itza, as well as mini white fish ceviche tostadas, juicy meatballs in a creamy orange sauce, and moist pulled pork served on a crostini.

Viztango Café had guests lining up to get a hearty plate of salad, their choice of pasta, and spongy foccacia bread. People were so eager to taste its food that even when they temporarily ran out, students stuck around to wait in line for the next delivered batch.

Another Italian option was Maria's Italian Kitchen, which distributed meatballs with a thick tomato sauce. The Plum Tree Inn offered Asian flavors with their bites of sweet and tangy chicken and crispy spring roll pieces. Spitz had Mediterranean flavors covered, with crispy pita strips and a smooth hummus sauce.

Refreshing, cold and slightly sweet drinks helped to wash down all the savory food that people lined up for in the hot sun. The Del's Lemonade truck distributed small cups of slushy cherry and original lemonade, and OZERO offered refreshing iced milk tea samples in both green tea and black tea. OZERO is set to open this Monday in downtown Los Angeles.

The caterers served diverse foods, but luckily they can all be found in one place: the Chewse website. Thankfully, the process of choosing a caterer for just about any type of event just got easier.















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