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"Revenge" Recap Episode 15: "Chaos"

Hayley Formolo |
February 21, 2012 | 8:44 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter


Alright, everybody...time to buckle your seat belts. This week’s episode of ABC's hit new drama “Revenge," appropriately titled “Chaos," was the episode fans had been waiting for since the show’s beginning. Doing nothing to disappoint and certainly being the most action-packed episode to date, it highlights the Labor Day weekend engagement party fiasco that the show opened with in its first episode, bringing everything full circle and finally revealing to viewers who shot Daniel Grayson.

Or at least that’s what myself and fellow fans were expecting. 

The episode opens with our favorite mentally unstable, deliciously malicious ginger Tyler, who has been released from his (very brief) stay at a mental hospital and has taken that new freedom to kidnap faux Amanda and steal Emily’s revenge box. He wastes no time, calling Emily from an old abandoned barn (do they even have those in the Hamptons?) saying that he has faux Amanda hostage and will kill her if Emily cancels her engagement party or calls the cops. He then, doing what he does best, manipulates Amanda (who he creepily insists on calling “Mandy”…anyone else find this super uncomfortable?) into helping him work against Emily by telling her that Emily has only truly been out for herself this entire time and that fauxmanda is just another pawn in her plans for revenge. He blackmails Emily and has her meet up with him and “Mandy” to receive a large amount of money in return for his silence over her evil master plan to take down the Grayson’s. He then reveals to fauxmanda that he plans to kill Daniel Grayson at the engagement party and frame Emily for his murder to get even for Emily framing him for the murder of Grayson family henchman, Frank. Amanda, in a touching moment of realization, sees that Emily had to have cared for her at least a little if she framed Frank’s murder, which is fauxmanda’s work, not Emily’s, on Tyler, in order to protect her.  She then attempts to stop Tyler, resulting in a quick scuffle before fauxmanda appears to run off with his car in search of Emily. 

Meanwhile, at the Grayson household, brooding teen Charlotte is convinced by her boy toy Declan to see at therapist about her mommy issues. However, Grandpa Grayson isn’t too pleased with Charlotte’s plans to tell a therapist about how her mother had an affair with a convicted terrorist. He fears this will bring more negative press to Grayson Global, which has been in the hot seat with the SEC for a while, and bribes Charlotte to not go by offering to get Declan into her posh prep school even though he failed the entrance exams. Charlotte then decides to cope with this the way any other moping, moody, troubled teen would: popping pain pills and chasing them down with some booze. 

Mama and Papa Grayson, still within the depths of their divorce drama, finally seem to come to some sort of agreement. Conrad agrees to let Victoria cash out her shares of Grayson Global and gives her the deed to Grayson Manor. However, Victoria, who is always scheming with something up her sleeve and still very angry after the Charlotte-paternity-bomb spectacle, signs the divorce papers while planning to ruin the company by sharing their scandal-filled 20-year report to the SEC. 

Daniel Grayson, busy with his family drama, wedding plans, and future as head of Grayson Global, is supposed to meet with Emily’s Japanese mentor Takeda, who is a big investor in Grayson Global, to discuss his investments and persuade him to continue to support the company in the wake of all the negative sentiment surrounding it. However, in a ballsy move, Daniel tells Takeda he is not going to try to convince him to continue his investment in a company that he, too, has lost faith in, and that he plans on eloping to Paris with Emily, leaving all his crazy family drama behind (aww, how romantic!).  However, Mama Grayson is not on board with this newly devised plan, warning Daniel that Emily, who has worked so hard to obtain the Grayson name and all that comes with it, may not in support of it either, and that she is simply marrying Daniel for his name, not because she loves him. And when Daniel approaches Emily at their engagement party and presents this new plan to her, Victoria is (yet again) right. Emily tells Daniel the plan is crazy and would never work, leaving a confused and brooding Daniel to walk the beach alone to ponder his impending marriage, a move that we prophetic viewers know will lead to him getting shot. Meanwhile, Emily and Takeda have a brief moment at the party, in which her former mentor slyly gives her back her revenge box (how did he get it from Tyler’s barn hideout?!) with some obligatory vague warning whispered in Japanese. She then hurries down to the beach to bury it before returning to the party, explaining the mysterious sand on her hands that we see from the opening episode. 

While all our favorite wealthy Hamptonians are sipping champagne and dancing the night away, our favorite sexy bartender Jack (in a somewhat random and thrown together plot twist) spontaneously decides to sail to Haiti to volunteer at a school for an undetermined amount of time to nurse his broken heart and get his life together. No one seems to worry too much about his planned absence, save Nolan, who begs Emily to sail away with him and “make little volunteer babies” and live happily ever after. Emily, dead set on her path to revenge, obviously declines, making Nolan promise he will see to it that Jack makes it safely out that night while she plays hostess at her engagement party. However, no one can predict the arrival of fauxmanda, perfectly timed as Jack is disembarking for his trip. Amanda, with tears in her eyes, begs Jack for forgiveness, telling him she will “never leave him again” and that she loves him. Jack quickly gives in, but not before confessing to her that Emily was the biggest supporter of their relationship. This is all too much for Amanda to bear, and, feeling horrible for betraying her one true friend, she runs off, sealing it with a passionate kiss before escaping to a waiting taxicab. However, Jack, who is always confused and left in the dark, notices fauxmanda has been bleeding (apparently from her tiff with Tyler), and chases after her. 

For some reason Amanda heads off to the engagement party, presumably to stop Tyler’s diabolical plan. Tyler, meanwhile, has cornered Daniel on the beach at gunpoint, and plans on telling him all about his fiancee’s lying ways, giving him a picture of her listed Grayson Global targets before making him walk to the water’s edge. Then, in a twisted and convoluted turn of events, we see Jack running after Amanda on the beach, hear a series of three gunshots (important to note for future reference), and then see Amanda standing speechless over the body of what we presume to be Daniel Grayson. Jack assumes Amanda has shot him and tells her to run while he drags the body to the bushes. Amanda does as told, as always, and waits by Jacks car until a mysterious Takeda pulls up in his flashy, expensive car, offering her a ride (wait…what?!). Then, as we saw in the pilot episode, there is a lot of screaming as a skinny-dipping, drugged-out Charlotte discovers her brother’s body in the bushes, and the entire party runs to the beach to find…Tyler’s dead body in the bushes. Just as we all are about to throw something at our TV in confusion, Daniel Grayson appears, bloodied, shot, but alive, stammering something to his mother, before Victoria closes the episode with a wonderfully dark and scandalous whisper of “Don’t say anything”, leaving us all thoroughly confused and begging for more. 

Who killed Tyler? Who shot Daniel? Where is Takeda taking fauxmanda? Will Jack still go to Haiti? Where and how did Takeda get Emily’s revenge box? How much did Daniel hear about Emily’s true colors before he was shot? Is Emily and Daniel’s engagement now on the rocks? These are just a few of the burning questions “Chaos” has left us, and with two weeks to wait for answers, this fan is going to be going insane. 

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