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McQ And Kristin McMenamy Take Audience To Another World

Allison Selick |
February 20, 2012 | 7:07 p.m. PST

Fashion Editor

(Image Courtesy AFP/Getty)
(Image Courtesy AFP/Getty)

Alexander McQueen has always been known for extravagance, depth, and thought-provoking performances. After his death, Sarah Burton has done a fantastic job of both continuing and revamping his legacy.

Four years before his 2010 death, Alexander McQueen introducted die-hard fans to his contemporary line, McQ. Originally promoting denim, the line has taken off with it's own boutique and runway.

McQ's Fall 2012 runway show is taking over social media and gossip alike. The catwalk showcased black, lace, florals, army green, leather and crimson. Tulle was a common feature, as well as jackets and puffy skirts. Neon Tommy's favorite look was a wine-colored tulip dress fastened with a waist-defining black leather belt with chain and cranberry elbow-length gloves.

Although the clothing was beautiful, it was the finale that showed everyone what fashion is about. As leaves fell onto the runway, Kristen McMenamy, decked in white tulle, pulled a rope along the runway, disappearing into the darkness. From her exit, a dark forest appeared, which faded away to become flashes of red, rendering this runway show a true McQueen theatric.

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