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Londoners DASH to a Fabulous Launch Party

Tess Goodwin |
February 16, 2012 | 5:56 p.m. PST

Fashion Editor

DASH magazine celebrates their first issue
DASH magazine celebrates their first issue

Arriving at the DASH magazine launch party at 8 PM, they were already “at capacity” and there was a staggering line outside. Quite a feat for a new bi-annual magazine that combines fashion editorial and interesting illustration. 


Show-casing emerging talent from across Europe, Asia and the US, illustrators are given the freedom to demonstrate and discuss their craft. Judging by the large crowd at the party they will have no trouble finding an audience.

Held in a chic art gallery in London’s up-and-coming trendy neighborhood of Bethnal Green, guests were garbed in denim, studded leather and flowing dresses. One could spend the whole night trying to pick who’s haircut they liked best. Lavender curls, asymmetrical and men with buns were all spotted. 

While on the subject, DJ Erol Sabadosh looked eerily like Kurt Cobain with shoulder-length bleach-blonde hair and a tan thermal showing his skinny frame. He played everything from nearly vintage Destiny’s Child to Disco to Dead Prez, creating a feeling of nostalgia and community within the space.

The magazine itself was hung from the ceiling, allowing passerbys to flick through it as they chatted. Sipping on elderberry cocktails from Absolut and nibbling on Tyrrell chips deemed “the most delicious chips ever” by a guest, everyone at the party seemed perfectly satisfied.

The first issue of DASH Magazine will be released on February 15 featuring the work of illustrators such as François Berthoud, Meriç CanatanSpiros Halaris, Patrick Morgan and many others. 


Learn more about DASH:

Website: http://www.dashmagazine.net

Twitter: @DASHMagTweet

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dash-Magazine/148891498545735



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