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"Jersey Shore" Recap: Problems That Hit Below The Belt

Briana Ward |
February 3, 2012 | 12:44 a.m. PST

Staff Writer

"Jersey Shore" Airs Thursdays on MTV (MTV)
"Jersey Shore" Airs Thursdays on MTV (MTV)
The shore house has become so popular that people spend thousands of dollars to stay in the twin beds that once held their favorite guidos and guidettes. However, after watching Thursday's episode of "Jersey Shore," you’ll want to make sure to pack your hazmat suit.

The majority of this week's episode centers on the bladder issues of everyone’s favorite pickle lover, Snooki. In a way, you could say her “pickle” loving is the root of her problem.

Snooki first notices something might be off when she pees herself while dancing at Karma. Most people would die of embarrassment, but not Snooki. She goes to the bathroom where she is seen spraying perfume on her hoo-ha to get rid of the odor. Then she just goes back to dancing.

The next morning, Snooki gets up and decides to throw away her urine stained underwear. She grabs a plastic bag and then goes to throw it in the trash. Only then do we see that the plastic bag is empty. Where has the offensive underwear gone too, you ask? Oh, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Snooki is still wearing it. That’s right. Not only did she pee herself in the middle of the club, but she went home and fell asleep in her pee soaked underwear. Still excited to sleep in those twin beds?

When she goes out later that afternoon, Snooki decides to do the responsible thing and wear two pairs of underwear. Just in case it happens again. She narrowly escapes a repeat of the night before and rushes off to the bathroom with Deena. After using the bathroom Snooki says, “I’m not washing my hands”. To which Deena replies, “I never do”.

Snooki finally puts two and two together and realizes that she must have gotten a urinary tract infection from “doing” sex. She then sets off to find the obvious guidette remedy… tequila shots. This remedy works so well that when all the bathrooms in the house are full, she pees outside on the patio near the table where the roommates usually eat dinner. Pure class.

The Situation also encounters a crotch issue of his own this week.

After a day of drinking, Mike comes down the stairs, and you can’t help but notice the editors have put a big blur over his nether region. He’s wearing shorts though, so it’s not clear what exactly the blur is hiding. Mike has a long conversation with the meatballs and this blur still remains a mystery. Finally, Jenni comes into the room and explains the reason for the blur. Apparently, Mike forgot to zip up his shorts and his “situation” is swinging in and out of them. It’s just another day at the shore house when you’re too drunk to notice your penis is hanging out of your pants.

In other roommate news…

Deena shocks herself when she goes to plug in her blow-dryer. Worried that something might happen to her brain because she electrocuted herself, she asks Sam if she should be worried. Sam assures her that she’ll be okay because criminals are fine when police shoot them with their “electric guns."

Jwoww’s boyfriend ignores her.

Vinny does nothing, as usual.

And Mike has something up his sleeve. At the beginning of the episode, he swears that the guys are all plotting something against him. However, by the end of the show he somehow comes up with the idea that Snooki is actually the one to look out for. What’s he going to do? He leaves viewers with only a hint, saying, “Instead of the Situation, it’s the confrontation”.

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