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"Gossip Girl" Episode 17 Recap: The Princess Dowry

Surabhi Srivastava |
February 28, 2012 | 3:44 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter



Georgina at work. Image courtesy of The CW Network
Georgina at work. Image courtesy of The CW Network

So Blair's with Dan now. Ivy owns all the Rhodes property. Lola hates her new family and thinks they're all insensitive money-loving jerks who don't really care about family. Oh, and Serena's dad is also Lola's dad. 

And that's what you missed on "GG" this week.

Chuck releases the information that Dan leaked the video to GG, except substitute GG a.k.a. Georgina's husband (who is still with her, doesn't he have a job or something?) accidentally reveals that Chuck sent the blast. Then Blair gets mad at him. But then she gets mad at Dan because Chuck sends the picture of them kissing to Gossip Girl using Dan's phone. Then she gets mad at Chuck for trying to turn her against Dan, and finally admits that he doesn't have her heart anymore.

Cue long Dair make-out session.

Poor Louis. As much as I wish he would just leave the show already, she is still married to him after all. If things work out though, she will soon be free. Georgina promised her a way out of her marriage without facing bankruptcy, and Blair will do anything it takes to be rid of her marriage once and for all.

Then there's good old Nate, still trying to do some good in his world. He tries to get Lola to accept her family, but instead leads to pushing her away even further from them. They show up at Cece's Irish wake together (I guess I missed the memo where they told us the Rhodes were Irish). Georgina convinces the two Charlies to find out why Lola was hidden from the family for so long.

Turns out, it's because her mom had an affair with her sister's husband and it's his child. Come on Dr. Van Der Woodsen…two sisters…really? Didn't see that one coming for sure. We'll have to wait four whole weeks to see what they do with this storyline. I'll have to admit, as much as I was bashing on the Charlies last week, the writers actually took this story somewhere interesting.

Ivy Dickens wins the big prize. CeCe leaves her the majority of the Rhodes fortune instead of her own two daughters. Ivy kicks Lily and Rufus out of the apartment and claims it as her own. Maybe her storyline is going to continue and she's going to become a regular on the show, but honestly we can do without her.

Last but not least, there's always Georgina. She is the root cause of evil at the wake and riles up everyone including Chuck, Blair, Lola, and Ivy. After accomplishing her quota of troubles, she passes on the Gossip Girl curse to our favorite lonely blonde. Let's see what Serena does with this information in the next episode.

We'll check in on our favorite Upper East Siders in a few weeks. Let's give them a chance to stir up some more chaos.

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