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Fresh and Easy Express Moves Into University Gateway

D. Asal Ehsanipour |
February 17, 2012 | 3:46 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Fresh and Easy (Courtesy of southbayfoodies.com)
Fresh and Easy (Courtesy of southbayfoodies.com)
Through the lanes of pristinely packaged spices, baked goods and ready-made fresh pizzas, Fresh and Easy Express already holds promise as a major addition to the Trojan Family. The grocery store’s highly anticipated grand opening at University Gateway, just next door to the University of Southern California, was met with positive reviews Wednesday.

Construction for the new grocery store began in November as an addition to the two local options, Superior and Ralphs. Though many students and locals were content with the existing grocery stores, others are thrilled for the higher quality neighborhood market, which is often compared with Trader Joe’s. 

Fresh and Easy’s manager, Jorge Anaya, recently told Annenberg TV News that the foodie-heaven opened to “very good” business on its opening day. 

“Everyone seems very excited,” Anaya said. “There are no problems; everything is going fine so far.” 

In addition, Anaya specified that Fresh and Easy has been getting business from both students and local families residing near USC.

In addition to packaged spices and baked goods, Fresh and Easy is also well-known for its fresh produce—which includes an array of varied berries—poultry, lettuce and vegetable assortment, cakes and fresh cheese. One may find inexpensive ingredients for exotic internationally-inspired foods as well, which include falafel and hummus mixes and Fresh and Easy-brand microwavable Asian dishes.

Fresh and Easy has promise to become a go-to shopping location for college students on a budget whose prayers have been answered: an inexpensive culinary experience that can make their lives a tad fresher and their hectic lives a great deal easier. 


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