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"Bethenny Ever After" Season 3 Premiere Does Not Lose Steam

Berkeley Cavignac |
February 20, 2012 | 9:43 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Ever since her 2008 debut on Bravo TV's "The Real Housewives of New York City," Bethenny Frankel has made a household name for herself thanks to the success of her company, SkinnyGirl Cocktails. The more intriguing side of things, however, has been watching her transformation from a once single, loud-mouthed (yet compassionate) New York socialite into a married, loud-mouthed (yet still compassionate) New York mother in her spinoff shows "Bethenny Getting Married?" and "Bethenny Ever After."

Bethenny and Jason Hoppy with their daughter, Bryn, on Bravo's "Bethenny Ever After." (People.com)
Bethenny and Jason Hoppy with their daughter, Bryn, on Bravo's "Bethenny Ever After." (People.com)

Season 3 picks up right where season 2 left off: Bethenny has sold her SkinnyGirl franchise to Jim Beam and has entered the millionaires club. Her husband of two years, Jason Hoppy, looks handsome as ever, and their daughter Bryn, now 21 months old, waddles around their tiny apartment with big eyes and gumption.

Bethenny is Bravo's ultimate Bravo-lebrity: even though she's playing in the big leagues (at least in reality tv), she is still the same Bethenny fans met all those years back on "Housewives." In other words, she still speaks exactly what is on her mind, has no shame in doing so, and at the same time manages to charm the pants off of us by making us laugh, gasp, and hang in suspense of the next outrageous thing that might (and will) come out of her mouth. She's every woman, just with millions of dollars in the bank. Luckily, that pocket change hasn't phased her... at least not yet.

The season 3 premiere had its toes in everything: her business (which she still runs from a tiny office, narrating that "I'm running an empire and we don't have a seat for every ass"), her family life, and her therapy sessions (which I find truly refreshing and raw to watch). Bethenny is so honest with her emotions; it is hard not to respect the woman. Even in the middle of a lawsuit (her "all natural" margarita ingredients are being accused of false advertising), she still manages to keep her life light with humor. In a scene where Jason is handling a serious call about their potential new apartment, Bethenny sits across from him and holds a mock conversation on Bryn's pink toy phone, interjecting comments between Jason's pauses. "I am not one to let my marriage get in the way of a funny joke," she tells the camera as Jason tries hard not to smile at his wife's gesture.

What also makes Bethenny likeable is how she treats the people that work for her. Fans of her show know that everyone she brings on board with her becomes a part of the Hoppy family. Take for example last season when Bethenny asked her assistant, Julie, to be Bryn's godmother, or when Bryn's first nanny, Gina, constantly crossed the line between working for the Hoppy's and being a Hoppy. This season thus far still has Julie, but is without the entertaining nanny. Nonetheless, Bethenny makes up for it by incquiring about her employees' personal lives, creating a comfortable, familial environment we are all so accustomed to watching.

The season premiere moves along with a steady rhythm as Bethenny goes from feeding Bryn and teasing Jason to a photo shoot for Health Magazine and a therapy session filled with anxiety about her age. Bethenny is incapable of being anyone but herself, and that is why she has stuck around for so long. The season preview does not disappoint, either. Season 3 of "Bethenny Ever After" has a ton in store for us in what looks like a perfect blend of humor, drama, and downright ridiculousness. What else would we expect from the Hoppy's?

At the end of the episode, as she and Jason walk around their new apartment envisioning the future of each room, Bethenny sees her master bedroom closet for the first time. It's as cramped as her office is. To the cameras she says, "My closet needs to say 'Mama, you have arrived.'" Trust us, Bethenny. You have... and then some. We can't wait to watch.

Tune in to "Bethenny Ever After" every Monday at 9pm on Bravo!

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