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Ben & Jerry's Presents Line Of Greek Frozen Yogurt

D. Asal Ehsanipour |
February 24, 2012 | 12:40 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Ben and Jerry's introduces new Greek fro yo.  (Creative Commons/Flickr)
Ben and Jerry's introduces new Greek fro yo. (Creative Commons/Flickr)
The decadent Ben & Jerry’s has launched a new, healthfully conscious treat as the latest addition to its list of frosty foods: Greek frozen yogurt. 

The product has received much praise so far as consumers relish Ben & Jerry’s new and experimental flavors, which include strawberry shortcake, raspberry fudge chunk, banana peanut butter and blueberry vanilla graham. 

Huffington Post taste testers say that the typical Greek yogurt “tang” was noticeably absent, though its yogurt base was obvious, thus differentiating it from typical Ben & Jerry’s full-fat ice cream.  

With the product’s top two ingredients as skim milk and Greek yogurt, the product weighs in at 180 calories and six grams of protein per half cup. Perez Hilton recently featured the “delectable dessert” on his Fit Perez blog, praising the creation as his new “cheat day” snack.

However, Ben & Jerry’s urges excited consumers to remember that the yogurt is exactly that: a “cheat day” snack.

“The product, still regarded as an indulgent dessert, reaps the benefits of containing real Greek yogurt,” Ben & Jerry’s said in an exclusive statement to the Huffington Post. “Greek yogurt is made through a traditional straining process allowing more of the whey to drain out, leaving a thicker, smoother yogurt rich and creamy in texture. While the protein is higher and the calories are lower than Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the company is positioning Greek Frozen Yogurt as a reasonable reward.”

The new product will be joining other famous Ben & Jerry’s flavors like Chubby Hubby and Phish Food this week at $4.39 pints in addition to $1.29 mini-cup sizes for certain flavors.


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