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Winner Takes All In Florida - Debate Preview

Angela Blakely |
January 26, 2012 | 4:00 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

It's do or die for Mitt Romney in Florida (Creative Commons).
It's do or die for Mitt Romney in Florida (Creative Commons).
With only six days away from the Florida primary, it looks like Mitt Romney still has more to prove in order to reclaim his lead as the Republican front-runner.

Florida voters will have a second chance to see the four remaining GOP candidates in action at tomorrow night’s debate in Jacksonville, Fla.

Newt Gingrich is still climbing in the national polls, while Romney continues to fall among voters, according to Gallup.

Romney’s most recent drop in the polls can be attributed to his tax returns, which he released Tuesday.

Romney’s taxes reveal that he is a part of the vilified 1%, and pays less than half of what the average American pays in taxes.

According to MSNBC, favorability polls show that Romney is losing popularity among white voters who earn less than $50,000.

Romney will definitely have to be prepared to answer questions about his taxes on Thursday, but expect to see Romney stay on the offensive, as he continues to discredit Gingrich as a ‘disgraced’ Speaker and alleged lobbyist.

Although most of the attention is on Romney and Gingrich, don’t overlook candidates Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. While the Paul’s campaign has made it known he won’t be spending anything in Florida as he focuses on the future primary states, Santorum is still a contender.

Santorum’s strong closing argument on Monday challenged Romney and Gingrich’s conservatism. Experts say Santorum should tackle this topic in order to make himself a viable alternative to Romney and Gingrich.

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