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The Skrillex Mothership Descends On The Hollywood Palladium

Tanaya Ghosh |
January 31, 2012 | 6:00 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Skrillex plays for a sold-out crowd at the Hollywood Palladium (Photo by Tanaya Ghosh / Neon Tommy)
Skrillex plays for a sold-out crowd at the Hollywood Palladium (Photo by Tanaya Ghosh / Neon Tommy)
Sonny Moore, better known as the insanely popular dubstep producer Skrillex, landed his Mothership tour in Hollywood on Saturday, in the midst of a series of L.A.-area shows.

The 24-year-old Grammy nominated artist rocked a sold-out show with his grimy synth and gritty mix of electro house, dubstep and glitch that has earned him notoriety. The sold-out show featured the Dominican up-and-comer Munchi, UK duo KOAN Sound, Providence's araabMUZIK, and of course, Los Angeles' own Skrillex.

The LED screens came alive and fire shot up as Skrillex took the stage at 1:30am and the crowd went nuts, bracing themselves for a night of glorious grime that is Skrillex dubstep.

In 2010, the dirty dub artist released My Name Is Skrillex, his debut EP, as a free download for fans. After touring with Deadmau5, later the same year he released his second EP, called Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. He subsequently released More Monsters and Sprites and, most recently, Bangarang in 2011.

The latest EP features a surprisingly diverse mix of styles, and even includes elements of trance, such as "Summit (Breathe)" with Ellie Goulding. As expected, Skrillex played that and other tracks from the EP such as "Bangarang" and "Breakin' A Sweat."

Skrillex The Mothership Tour (Image courtesy of Insomniac Events)
Skrillex The Mothership Tour (Image courtesy of Insomniac Events)
 Right before Skrillex's set, it was araabMUZIK who wowed the crowd by living up to his YouTube hype. His fans were enthused to see him play live, as many of us have been waiting to witness the phenomenon of his furious fingers tapping away at the MPC at light speed. All I can tell you is that even though he has already worked with many big names in hip hop, this guy's just getting started. He's still coming up, and with every live show he exponentially wins new fans with his impressive skills on the MPC. Let's just say they call him MVP of the MPC for a reason.

The majestic Hollywood Palladium, often the go-to venue for EDM events, was great as usual with its huge dance floor and majestic feel. However, we found that it was much easier to dance up top on the balcony, and I would highly recommend it unless you enjoy being stomped on and pushed around by the sweaty 18+ kids on the densely packed dance floor.

Keeping with EDM event tradition, a few attendees dressed in costumes such as Santa, Waldo, Mario & Luigi. Creative outfits included a group of girls wearing kandi beaded bikini tops with Skrillex's logo, their hair sideswept to one side similar to that of Skrillex.

Skrillex ended the night of heavy dubstep by playing his remix of Benny Benassi's "Cinema," addressing the LA crowd and asking them to put up their lighters. The fans obliged, and sang along to the track.

Then, although the event was promoted as going til 4, the show ended at 3am. The crowd, however, feeling the high from his set, was just happy to have enjoyed a night full of dubstep by Skrillex and his electronically-gifted friends. Continuing his Mothership tour, Skrillex is slated to wow huge crowds with over 300 performances in the US and Europe in next 12 months.

Oh and by the way, he just had this to say about the Palladium show on Twitter:








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