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"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Finale Recap: 'Vanderfabulous'

Denise Gonzalez |
January 24, 2012 | 1:18 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

The Housewives toast to a tough but successful season (courtesy of bravotv.com)
The Housewives toast to a tough but successful season (courtesy of bravotv.com)

It's been a season wrapped in tragedy, especially with the suicide of Russell Armstrong, but the housewives managed to end the season on a positive note.

The day that has been building up from the beginning has finally come: Pandora's grand wedding.

The finale opened up with Lisa stressing over every detail of the wedding. The big day has finally arrived and she wants Pandora to have a wedding fit for a Beverly Hills princess.

Lisa continues to nit-pick at things. The flowers are not right and the tennis court does not look "sexy" enough. Lisa fails to get Ken to pay attention to her. He instead, chooses to go to work and ignore her requests. Pandora's wedding planner tries to get the Brit to calm down and not stress, but how can she? It’s her daughter's big day and everything must be perfect.

Meanwhile, Adrienne is assisting Paul in his colonoscopy, but the fun stops once he asks her to administer an enema. Adrienne politely refuses the offer but stays by his side.

Similarly, like Adrienne, Kyle is also having troubles with her husband. Mauricio just happened to misunderstand the meaning of a Beverly Hills black tie wedding. He wants to wear his navy blue Dolce and Gabbana suit. Kyle informs him and the audience that "At a black tie wedding in Beverly Hills you wear a black tie."

On the other side of town, Camille is picking out what to wear in her unbelievably large walk-in closet. She tells her stylist how hard her divorce has been and reveals she is still going through a custody battle. Camille proceeds to inform her that she is dating again. She does not know if love is still out there, but is open to what is to come. 

The countdown to Pandora's wedding continues and Lisa is still dictating every detail. The tennis court starts coming together lavishly. It is perfectly draped, covered with pink and cream roses and chandeliers. Lisa's son, Max surprises her with triplet make-up artists for her and her friends. Lisa thanks him and asks him to fix his fauxhawk. Ken on the other hand cannot come up with a speech and asks Lisa for help but she refuses. She has a wedding to perfect.

As the wedding draws closer, Lisa comes out looking beautiful in a lavish pink dress and a tiara. She explains that Pandora asked her to wear them and said, "Hey if she wanted me to wear my knickers on my head I'd wear it."

It would not be a perfect wedding without Giggy in a black tie. Lisa, Ken and Giggy wait for Pandora to come down the staircase. Pandora truly looks like a fairytale princess in her six thousand dollar Ian Stuart bridal gown. Lisa tears up as she sees her little girl come down the staircase. Everything begins to fall into place. Before the ceremony starts Lisa has a touching moment with her daughter and tells her "I just want you to be happy."

The rest of the housewives minus Kim and Taylor are at Adrienne's ready to leave. When they finally do arrive, they are blown away by the set-up of the wedding. Indeed, Lisa outdid herself all her stress paid off for a perfect pink wonderland.

After the ceremony, the housewives all hit the newly transformed tennis court. Full of chandeliers and flowers it looks more like a five-star hotel than the former. Lisa breaks tradition and speaks before Ken's speech and thanks everyone for attending the wedding.

Ken gives a heartwarming speech as he tells Pandora that she will always be his little girl. They take the first dance to Rana's 'No Place like Home'. Pandora's wedding is fairytale-esque and perfect.

Three weeks later, the housewives are reunited at Kyle's. They have not seen Taylor since Russell passed away and they feel like it’s the perfect time for all of them to get together. 

The rest of the housewives ask Kyle about Kim's whereabouts. Kyle confesses to the audience that she has not had as much contact with her sister. She wants to help her but every time she tries it turns into a dispute between them. Everyone remarks on how much they miss Kim and how they wish she could be there.

Taylor admits that the housewives are her family and that she is grateful to have them in her life. Lisa shows the housewives Pandora's wedding photos, which are as beautiful as the wedding and Camille proceeds to talk about her adonis, Dimitri. She shows the housewives a photo of his abs of steels. 

They all look back at what has happened this season and agree that although they had their ups and downs they became closer.

The show closes giving the audience the usual updates on what the housewives are up to now.

Taylor is attempting to stay afloat as she deals with Russell's tragedy and financial burdens. She is publishing her memoirs.

Camille is still hot and heavy with her beau.

Lisa downsized for a 10,000 square foot home and then added 2,000 more.

Adrienne's shoe line has been a success and she has a new neighbor (possibly a hint for a new housewife for season 3).

Kim has checked into rehab and Kyle has published an advice book.

The housewives toast to themselves, surviving this rollercoaster season and coming out on top.

Next week: The Housewives come together for a reunion that looks to be an emotional affair full of tears and accusations.

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