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Murdoch Settles 37 Hacking Cases

Hannah Madans |
January 19, 2012 | 7:01 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

courtesy Creative Commons
courtesy Creative Commons
Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper company agreed to pay damages to 36 people who were the victims of phone hacking by News of the World.

Of the people who sued, most received settlements worth tens of thousands, according to The Daily Beast. Some received more including Jude Law, who was granted $200,000. Said Frost, received $77,000 and Guy Pelley, a friend of Prince William, received $62,000. John Rowland, who was employed as one of Murdoch’s own journalists, received $39,000 after News Corp. admitted to hacking his phone.

News Corp. paid financial damages for illegal eavesdropping and other intrusions, which include email snooping, according to the Associated Press.

Lawyers for the claimants told the AP that the settlement was proof that senior Murdoch executives had knowledge of illegal phone hacking practices and tried to cover them up.

Financial details about 15 of the payouts were made public Thursday. These payouts totaled about $1 million.


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