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"Modern Family" Recap: “Little Bo Bleep”

Samantha Katzman |
January 19, 2012 | 4:01 p.m. PST

Staff Writer

"Modern Family" airs Wednesday at 9 on ABC (ABC)
"Modern Family" airs Wednesday at 9 on ABC (ABC)
In this week’s "Modern Family," the Dunphy’s help to turn around Claire’s “angry” and “unlikeable” public persona to help her win the race against Dwaine Bailey for town council while preparing for a weekend wedding. 

Alex and Haley prepare a mock debate in the family’s living room to give Claire tips for the real thing, criticizing her every move, and pushing her buttons. Fake hecklers, helicopters, buzzers, hand motions and outrages by the judges drive her nuts but according to the family, she “has to be ready for anything.”

Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell are helping Lily practice for her debut as the tacky flower girl in a light up “Little Bo Peep” dress. But, while she is rehearsing dropping the flower petals, Lily drops an f-bomb and Cam can’t help but crack up and leave the room. “You know I have weaknesses, children cursing and old people rapping,” he tells Mitchell. 

The boys become nervous when they can’t discipline Lily, and worry that she is going to blurt out obscenities at the wedding.

The Bailey v. Dunphy debate goes downhill quick, when Bailey brings up a Valentines Day mishap that led Phil to be questioned by the police due to, “lude and lascivious behavior.” The video went viral, causing embarrassment like the family had never seen before. 

At the wedding, Lily lights up the aisle in her Little Bo Peep dress, while Cam and Mitchell hold their breath, hoping she keeps her mouth shut. However, when Lily sees Cam crying at the wedding, she tries to cheer him up by screaming a string of curse words, causing a burst of laughter in the whole congregation, and even more embarrassment for the Modern Family. 

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