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Los Angeles Clippers: From Doormat To Dominant

Alix Fitch |
January 18, 2012 | 12:50 p.m. PST

Staff Writer

Blake Griffin's play helped spark the Clippers' revival. (Keith Allison/Creative Commons)
Blake Griffin's play helped spark the Clippers' revival. (Keith Allison/Creative Commons)
The Los Angeles Clippers have come a long way in terms of establishing themselves as a basketball franchise.

After their move to L.A. in the mid-1980s, the team has experienced a number of different changes that has left the program in a state of constant rebuilding. With the team now undergoing major changes to their roster, we are beginnning to see a new age in which the Clippers are no longer the second fiddle to the Lakers, but rather the current trend in Los Angeles sports entertainment.

Not too long ago the Lakers were considered "the golden team," with consistent appearances in championship games and MVP awards that always had a Laker in the mix. Kobe Bryant has been that image for the Lakers for over a decade. His dominance on the court provides the fan base something to rely on, a source that provides the hope of a successful game and season.

Having Bryant as a player, however, has shown to be a leading cause for the hatred of this successful squad of players. Over the years, Lakers fans have been portrayed as arrogant and narrow-minded people to not only other residents of the city, but to the rest of the nation.

This helped formed the fan base that the Clippers have relied on over the years. In times of struggling to fill the arena and make profit on merchandise, this team has lingered in the shadows of the successes of their city rivals. When Blake Griffin stepped onto the Staples Center court in 2010, the franchise began to be seen as one that put a large focus on reformatting the team to build players up to their greatest potential.

Chris Paul (Richard Giles/Creative Commons)
Chris Paul (Richard Giles/Creative Commons)

This theory proved to be successful, as the Clippers have been nothing short of an increasing development from what they once were. In a city filled with celebrities and endless amounts of gossip, the Clippers have been the focus of attention with bringing their team back on the map, which became possible with the addition of star player Chris Paul.

Paul has proven himself to be a player that can manage to perform at a high level of intensity, coming from New Orleans to Los Angeles. Quickly becoming one of the most popular players in the league, Paul has averaged just over 18.0 points a game and has proven to be a valuable component to the Clippers roster. When the Clippers played the Utah Jazz on Tuesday, Paul sat out with an injury. The team's performance was significantly altered as a result of Paul’s removal from the lineup, as they lost to Utah by 29.

Paul's popularity has created a large stir among the younger generations in the Los Angeles area. Now that the Clippers have managed a winning record and have a roster filled with exciting players, ticket to see the Clippers play have suddenly become highly sought-after. Season tickets sold out quickly after the team traded for Paul.

Fair-weather fans they may be, Los Angeles knows how to provide support for the teams that give them what they desire most: wins. The change that the Los Angeles fan base is undergoing is amazing in terms of their fluctuating loyalty. Over the years, sports fans growing up in the Los Angeles area have seen successful teams come and go and when one of them manages to be successful, it seems as though everyone wants to be a part of it.

If Chris Paul and Blake Griffin manage to stay healthy and the Clippers consistently win important matchups, we may begin to see a reversal of who we have all come to know and adore as L.A.'s source for success. From the Lake Show to Lob City, the Clippers are on the rise, and it's only the beginning.


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