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"Jersey Shore" Recap: The Return Of The Missing Guidos

Briana Ward |
January 27, 2012 | 1:24 a.m. PST

Staff Writer

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays on MTV (MTV)
"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays on MTV (MTV)
The shore house is once again full thanks to the return of both Vinny and Mike.

Even though last week’s episode ended with the roommates seeming to think Mike had “dipped” out forever, he was back within the first ten minutes of this week’s show. He happened to return on the same day he left and the roommates happened to be seated in almost the exact same positions they were when he left. If you blinked at all during the end of last week’s episode or the beginning of this week’s, you probably didn’t even notice anything significant had occurred. And that’s because… it really wasn’t all that significant.

Vinny returned to the house as well. The roommates took it upon themselves to drive to the house where Vinny still lives with his parents and take him back to the shore. The most exciting part of the whole rescue mission was when Vinny revealed a new tattoo that he’d gotten since returning home. The top of Vinny’s chest now reads “Let Go Let God”. Once all packed and headed back to the shore with his roommates, Vinny talked about how he was going to try to get laid that night. “Let Go Let God” indeed.

Danny, the owner of the Shore Store, brought up the possibility of bringing in new roommates that actually work. This is kind of a long time coming since Jenny and Mike like to nap and Deena and Snookie like to get drunk on the job. Danny interviewed a few people, but it seems as though it was all a threat to get the roommates to work harder. It worked…for almost a day.

Last week’s episode featured the birthdays of Pauly and Mike. This week the roommates threw them a surprise party at Karma. The boys were really surprised, and the party went off without a hitch. Mike even got another helping of birthday sex. This time from the stripper that jumped out of his cake. Pauly also found a girl to whom he told, “I would like to get in my birthday suit with you”. She of course obliged.  But the best part of the whole surprise party was the man in charge of bringing in the strippers. His name was The Wiz and when asked if he ever banged the strippers, he chuckled in a funny, yet extremely pervy way that meant yes.

Sam got into a fight after another girl pulled her hair. She summed up the fight thusly, “You don’t yank my new weave I just got”.

Deena also got into a fight. However, her's was with an alarm clock. Deena brought home a friend of Ronnie’s so they could, in her own words, “Do sex”. While in the midst of “doing sex” her alarm clock goes off. She turns it off. It goes off again. The boy throws it down. It goes off again. Deena unplugs it from the wall. It goes off again. How it continues to go off after she unplugs it from the wall will remain a mystery, but watching her deal with it was definitely an episode highlight.

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