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How To Look Like Blair Waldorf (While Shopping In The Stores She Hates)

Allison Selick |
January 15, 2012 | 12:58 p.m. PST

Fashion Editor

Turn the television to channel five and you’re bound to see an episode of Gossip Girl. Though ratings for the program are down, interest in the fashion choices of lead character Blair Waldorf is as strong as ever. Unfortunately, most of the world can not afford Blair Waldorf prices. Neon Tommy looked in to the stores around New York City that Gossip Girl disses, and found camera-worthy pieces at each. Turns out Ms. Waldorf could have saved some dollars if she took our tips!

Century 21 

(Image Courtesy Doloresfancy.blogspot.com)
(Image Courtesy Doloresfancy.blogspot.com)
In season 2, episode 11 Cyrus invites Blair to go on a shopping spree at Century 21, to which Blair makes a disgusted face. Although Blair scorns the discounted clothing and disjointed setup of Century 21, a few pieces Neon Tommy found there were quite similar to some of her own. Blair is known for tailored yet extremely feminine pieces. We discovered this RED Valentino blazer (also available at Farfetch for a fraction of the retail price! 

Woodbury Commons


(Image Courtesy Lastcall.com)
(Image Courtesy Lastcall.com)
In season four, Juliet confesses the state of her finances to Nate, saying “Do you really think I would’ve been keymaster of Hamilton house if people knew I took the metro north to Woodbury Commons twice a month?”.  Stereotypes aside, a trip to Woodbury Commons is not such a bad idea. Some Waldorf-worthy brands are sold there, including Blair’s favorite, Chloe. Blair’s style is feminine and mature. This tweed jacket by Michael Kors, from Last Call by Neiman Marcus, is a perfect match for Blair’s closet.


(Image Courtesy Yelp.com)
(Image Courtesy Yelp.com)

Anyone who has watched a single episode of Gossip Girl can attest to the fact that Blair Waldorf hates Brooklyn. From the start, she gave Dan ‘Brooklyn’ as a nickname, insinuating that he is poor. Gossip Girl viewers also know that Waldorf loves jewelry, as she puts a few pieces on hold for her birthday every year. However, Harry Winston isn’t the only place to get some sparkle! West End Jewelers, a family owned business in Brooklyn, gets rave reviews for their diamonds as well. Turns out Blair should have checked out that stop on the N train (that is, if she took the subway).

Upper West Side


(Image Courtesy American Apparel)
(Image Courtesy American Apparel)

Although Queen B. can’t stand what she calls 'zabars zombies', she should still check out the shopping on the Upper West Side!  Those who know Blair Waldorf know that she loves headbands. The American Apparel in Columbus Circle has a wide variety of headbands, including, of course, headbands with bows. Also, the food at Zabars is pretty good....just saying.






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