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"Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Prepare For Africa Drama

Tallie Johnson |
January 23, 2012 | 1:46 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

(Bravo TV)
(Bravo TV)

The claws came out Sunday as the ladies prepared for their 10-day vacation or fighting match to South Africa. Everyone is going to be leaving the continent except for Kim. She does have a new baby to tend to.

While it will be a full flight, not everyone was happy with the guest list. Phaedra planned the trip, and the ladies were not excited that Nene and Marlo will be attending.

Marlo, after all, has a rap sheet that’s pretty long. (It’s only seven mug shots Marlo is rumored to have.) Kandi made a good point asking if Marlo would be allowed to travel outside the country. From the previews, it would seem she was cleared. Phaedra was not amused that Marlo has been in trouble with the law, but has no problems with her husband’s past digressions.

It seems that Marlo is Nene’s new running buddy. Nene has practically become an outsider this season and is bonding with Marlo over a common love of shopping. On one of their outings the two “label whores” easily rack up a bill over 10 grand. It takes a lot of money to look hot in South Africa. For a woman with no real career, Marlo does well with her extensive shoe collection that she happily showed off to Nene. It’s a cool duo, but doesn’t match when Nene and Kim were on good terms. As far as reconciliation, Nene mentioned she would listen to what Kim has to say. But as we have seen in the past, Nene listening to Kim has never ended well.

Both Kandi and Kim were trying to get their fitness on. Kandi was doing it the old fashioned way-exercise. She was working with a trainer, picking up ridiculously large tires and hopscotching over them. Kim was taking the more unconventional route (Are we surprised?) using a slim wrap  process that makes her look like a mummy. She bounced around on trampoline barley able to breath and surprise-within hours lost inches. Who needs exercise when a wrap is available?

When Kim was pregnant she missed out on the finer things in life—drinking.  She and Kroy headed out for her first drink in nearly a year. Kim does seem to be enjoying her new life with a man who will actually appear on camera with her (cough, cough Big Poppa). The football lockout was ending in this episode, and Kim will miss seeing Kroy every day. As a surprise, her “staff” including the ever loyal Sweetie and her parents set up the home with flower petals and candles that led to a luxurious bubble bath accompanied with a bottle of champagne. A private intimate moment with her family trying to finish laying the petals, and of courses the wonderful camera crew.

Cynthia is still having hesitations in her marriage. She actually revealed she was excited to be spending some time away from Peter. Maybe the time apart will help rejuvenate them. Peter was upset that they haven’t taken a vacation together.

Next up the ladies take on Africa, all together with no men and too much time on their hands. Will it be a vacation or an all out war?

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