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Tyson Header, 18 Other Occupy L.A. Arrestees Charged

Paresh Dave |
December 1, 2011 | 5:03 p.m. PST


A group of arrestees Wednesday morning. (Benjamin Gottlieb / Neon Tommy)
A group of arrestees Wednesday morning. (Benjamin Gottlieb / Neon Tommy)
Nineteen people arrested during the early Wednesday raid of Occupy L.A. have been formally charged, mostly for failing to dispere from an unlawful assembly, the L.A. city attorney's office announced Thursday.

More of the 292 people arrested by LAPD during the operation could be charged. Only 150 arrrest reports had been transferred from LAPD to the city attorney's office as of Thursday afternoon.

Occupy L.A. photographer Tyson Header, who garnerd some fame on Wednesday because CBS2/KCAL captured live an LAPD officer throwing him to the ground and him visibily resisting arrest, was also charged with battery on a peace officer, assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest.

The city attorney's office said he allegedly spit on an officer. His bail is at $20,000.

Most of the charges come with a bail of $5,000, though uncofirmed reports on Twitter said a judge hearing arraignments Thursday afternoon was reducing some bail amounts to $2,000.

The others who were charged were: Jose Tellez, Michael Rodriguez, Amanda Faye Mosqueda, Johnny Okane, Charles William Florenza, Lawrence Gregory Ziese, Reynaldo Crespo, Gilbert Ceballos, Jason Brodsky, Jason Rivera, Carl Casey, Anthony Diaz, Christopher Devcich, Moses Quiroz, Jane One Doe, Kayla Elizabeth Fields, Robert Jefferson Dietrich and John Two Doe (AKA Steve Leederman).

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