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Faces of L.A.’s Jobless: A Neon Tommy Special Report

Special Projects Team |
December 21, 2011 | 12:12 a.m. PST

We don't consider it a bad thing that a child goes through puberty. So one expert questions the worrying about L.A.'s current transformation. What will post-pubescent L.A. look like? >>>

In two years, one woman went from designing the Los Angeles cityscape to, at 44, moving back in with her parents in Montreal. What went wrong? >>>

One out of every three 16-to-19-year-olds in California wants a job and can't find one. So how do South L.A.'s youth jobs watchdogs fix the problem? >>>

Extra schooling hasn't landed the woman who grew up next to the yellow brick road a job yet. >>>

On the cusp of being homeless, a woman finds comfort at the marina. Find out why. -- VIDEO >>>

From the food bank's chief officer to the students at L.A. High, everyone knows what's up. -- VIDEO >>>



When medical problems arise, however, the underinsured are often left without options beyond emergency rooms and clinics. >>>

It took $5.4 million to find "green" jobs for 130 people. Judging by numbers alone, it would be easy to dismiss CCEWTP as a failure. >>>

Why are people willing to empty their retirement accounts to buy time to find the perfect job? >>>

 “...it felt like we were all being herded into an internment camp because we knew what was happening, but we couldn’t stop it.” --Sheri McCrone

“...a lot of jobs I’m qualified for, I can’t get because I don’t have a GED. The GED is $81.00 and sacrificing that would put my bills in danger,” --Kelly Warren.

I panicked. ... I have my college degree. What am I doing picking up water jugs for people? And it’s the same with Whole Foods- I’m cutting fish for people,’” --James Kim

An Indonesian native dreams of working on Wall Street. Find out what's standing in his way. >>>


Fatima fled Somalia, worked for a Kenyan family, earned herself a trip to Mexico and ended up at Occupy L.A. She explains why Occupy L.A. beat homeless shelters. Hint: Harry Potter. >>>

A trip to care for his grandmother cost Darnell his job. It's been an uphill battle since then. >>>


Can't find work? Join a support group. >>>

Fired? Time to head back to school. >>>





While more than 26,000 L.A. County day laborers hope for a few hours of work every day, the housing crisis and recession have abandoned most to a fruitless search, made even tougher by anti-immigration sentiments, ineffective city-funded day laborer centers and an influx of Latin American immigrants, all competing against a much larger demographic than previously existed. >>>

Trade jobs can be a path to economic stability. Bricklayer apprentices with no experience start with a base wage of $12 an hour, but can top out at $46 an hour. Add benefits and union membership, and there’s a recipe for a stable middle class income. So what's the problem? >>>

"Like others here, enrolling at the poker-dealing course at Casino College is his last-ditch effort in a string of unsuccessful tries of getting back on his feet. Though the chips here have no cash value, by enrolling in the school, Fernandez is making a bet that there’s a job on the other end. The problem is, landing a full-time dealing job in Las Vegas right now is a moon shot." >>>



Twenty-five-year-old Melody Verdugo chose to quit her job in music publishing in April to pursue her dream as a freelance songwriter. >>>

Fifty-six-year-old Calvin Sweeney, an NFL and USC football star, lost his job as a manager at United Parcel Service in 2010. >>>


Cheryl Kono loved seeing the impact her work made on students’ lives. She was fired by LAUSD, but she’s still driven to give to the community. >>>





Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S. Coast Guard.”

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