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USC Students Go Beneath The Surface With New Film 'Flawless'

Sridevi Reddy |
November 1, 2011 | 5:14 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Amber Coney, the main actress, is filmed in an early waiting room scene. (Provided by Audrey Rosenberg)
Amber Coney, the main actress, is filmed in an early waiting room scene. (Provided by Audrey Rosenberg)
With funding coming solely from donations, a group of USC film production students have undertaken the daunting task of not only creating, but also marketing, a 20-minute short film, entitled "Flawless."

The film presents itself as a mix between an absurdist comedy and a critique on society, focusing on the eccentric life of Elliot Overland- a teenager so normal compared to everyone else around him, that he is deemed abnormal. As the film unwinds through the nonsensical situations that Elliot encounters, the audience is shown the reason behind the rhyme of society’s incongruities.

"Flawless" is a product of the bizarre, yet fascinating brain of writer/director, Audrey Rosenberg. Alongside her is producer Eric Cook. 

“One of the biggest problems our protagonist Elliot has is a very real problem, and it is an inability to connect with anyone around him. Most people have felt this at some point in their life,” Rosenberg carefully explains. 

The audience will feel a certain sense of relatability to Elliot. 

“We’re trying to get it to be a really meaningful character piece, something that people can connect to.”

With a full crew of 14 USC students and a diverse cast of both students and accomplished actors, the film is set to wrap in early December. Rosenberg has ambitious plans for "Flawless’" debut and high hopes for its future.

“Once everything’s finished, our goal is to get the film to as many as eyes as possible… whatever marketing we can get, putting it online, and pushing it through the festival circuit, including Sundance and the LA Film Fest.”


Read more about "Flawless" here.

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