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Top 10 Tables at GBK's 2011 AMA Awards Gifting Suite

Allison Selick |
November 20, 2011 | 4:48 p.m. PST

Fashion Editor

(Photo Courtesy Rebecca Sapp)
(Photo Courtesy Rebecca Sapp)

Award show gifting suites are the perfect place to discover what items and styles will soon be hot on the market. Neon Tommy had the chance to step inside GBK’s Pre-AMA Gifting Suite to find the best products for this holiday season.

1. Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp's Signed Guitars

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is donating six guitars for auction. These guitars were signed by celebrities such as Billy Gibbons and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. These guitars fit well with the suite's theme of 'Rock and Royalty'. 

2. Cuddly Bags

 Here in Los Angeles, we are used to celebrities starting their own charities. Now, we are introduced to something new; a ten-year-old girl starting a charity for something close to home. J’Rose, an adopted child herself, explained that children who are placed in foster care are often not allowed to take their possessions with them to new homes. She wanted to give something for these children to have when they arrive, so she put together bags filled with goodies. She calls these presents ‘Cuddly Bags’. ‘Cuddly Bags’ are filled with hairbrushes, stuffed animals, coloring books, and other fun things to entertain the children in their new homes. To donate items to these bags, you can contact J’Rose. 

3. SGP

There were many items laid out on the SGP table, all from their newest line for the Apple iPhone 4/4S. The products ranged from iPad stylus pens and cases to iPhone covers. Neon Tommy staffers fell in love with the interchangeable cases. The cases come in three arts. Each case can therefore be up to three colors. Our favorite color combination is aqua, fuchsia and yellow. The entire range can be viewed on their website. 

4. Lotty Dotty

Maya Persaud and Shevanne Helmer, founders of Lotty Dotty, hail from Paris, but are quickly making their way here in Los Angeles. This duo has created the concept of a customizable t-Shirt, centered around the theme of paper dolls. Each shirt has a ‘doll’ whose outfits are interchangeable, and include cute ‘I love New York/Los Angeles’ shirts with charms. Lotty Dotty is looking to expand into the college market as well, with hopes of creating team-specific apparel for the Dotty's dolls to don. Each of their shirts are eco-friendly and can be purchased for $75. 

5. Adios MF Liqueurs

Aptly named, Adios MF Liqueur is a recipe for a memorable, though maybe not remembered, night out. With a blue-raspberry flavor and twenty percent alcohol, the drink makes for an excellent mixer for most, and tastes great straight for the strong. This is a great choice for your next night out!

6. The indiExhibit

At every GBK event, there is a table of independent artists. This table is great because the artists and products are always different than at the last event. Amongst the items at the table, Neon Tommy’s favorites were a pack of holiday cards and a lip balm that smells like mint-chocolate ice cream. The cards are fuchsia and lime (always a good color combination for stationary) and created by The Spotted Olive. The mint-chocolate lip gloss was created by KRW Designs.

The table is also holding a raffle for a custom-printed skateboard deck that is signed by celebrities, including JoJo, and will be auctioned off in December.

7. Pro-Belly-Otics

I met Katy Freston while she was standing behind a table of interesting-looking bottles. Greeting us with a smile, Freston gave the Neon Tommy team an ounce of her Pro-Belly-Otics lime mint drink. Noticing that I was drinking her offer incredibly slowly, she let me know that the drink tasted sort of sweet-sour to me because of the imbalance within my body (an imbalance which her drink will fix). The drink contains no yeast, as other pro-biotic drinks do, so there are no negative side effects, such as eczema. The drinks can be purchased in family or single bottles.

8. NYX

NYX’s display was a multitude of colors. From glitter eye palettes to pale pink lip glosses, everything was beautiful and bursting with pigment. The women at the NYX table toured us through their top three palettes, including, our favorite, the Haute Jersey Palette. This palette contains four bronzers, two glosses, twenty-four eye shadows and blush, and has been seen on the hit TV show, ‘Jerseylicious’. NYX also had gift bags containing the smooth Slide on Pencil in Gun Metal, Pump It Up Lip Plumper in Scarlett and Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Black.

9. Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger offered Neon Tommy a sample of three different varieties of their Two Degrees bars. These bars come in Apple Pecan, Cherry Almond and Chocolate Peanut. Each bar is vegan, low sodium,and gluten free. Our favorite, the Apple Pecan, has 190 calories, 3 grams of fiber and 24 grams of carbohydrates…not too shabby! The best part, however, is that for each bar that is purchased, Action Against Hunger gives a nutrition pack to a hungry child.

10. Polkatots Cupcakes

One of the first tables that the Neon Tommy team approached was the Polkatots table. The table drew us in with displays of cupcakes stacked on chandeliers, surrounding a guitar created out of cupcakes. Polkatots specializes in creating ‘cupcake cakes,’ basically forming shapes and images out of cupcakes, allowing a more customizable and less messy version of a celebratory cake. The cupcakes are available in a multitude of flavors.

Neon Tommy will be hosting a sweepstakes for select items on this list. Look for more information to come!

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