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Tegan And Sara Explore Their Journey Together In "Get Along"

Becca Marshall |
November 16, 2011 | 10:26 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Tegan and Sara donned black eyes for their documentary cover because they've had their "dust-ups" over the past 12 years.
Tegan and Sara donned black eyes for their documentary cover because they've had their "dust-ups" over the past 12 years.

After 12 years of making music together, twin sisters Tegan and Sara still get along.

Their new album and the accompanying documentary, cheekily entitled “Get Along”, commemorate the last dozen years of their lives.

As Sara puts it, “it explains our bond, how we are able to live with each other on and off stage and not kill each other.”

“Get Along” is a live recording of 15 Tegan and Sara songs spanning from their 1999 debut album “Under Feet Like Ours” to 2009’s “Sainthood.”

Most of the songs that made the cut are memorable hits like “Call It Off,” “I Know I Know I Know” and “Back In Your Head,” but the album is not your typical “Best of…” collection. 

The songs highlight the sisters’ journey in music, showcasing some of their sentimental, lesser-known work along with the high energy, dancy stuff that got radio play and made them famous.

The music feels raw, honest, like Sara and Tegan themselves. In the two-hour documentary the duo opens up about their sometimes tenuous relationship, on and off the stage.   

The documentary is a compilation of three films. The first, “States”, follows Tegan and Sara as they tour the United States, highlighting their early career and rare connection with the fans.

The second film, “India”, shows the sisters on their first tour in India. Here there are a lot of interviews with friends and family, as well as commentary about life on the road.

The third film, “For the Most Part”, showcases the music. Before an audience of 75 fans and close friends, Tegan and Sara play a one hour and ten minute stripped-down studio concert; “Get Along” is composed of the live recordings from this intimate show. 

At times the tour-based films appear self-indulgent. Tegan and Sara keep the tone serious, quite the departure from their playful stage banter. A lot of the focus is on their struggle to settle into personal identities apart from one another. Admittedly, they are not far from being the same person: they share parents, identical looks and voices. If that weren’t enough, they are both lesbians with the same cropped haircut and wry sense of humor.

The sisters introduce themselves at shows: “Hi, I’m Tegan.” “I’m Sarah.” “And together, we’re Tegan and Sara.” 

In “For The Most Part”, Tegan says that at times, they weren’t aware of this separation. 

“We used to fight a lot and Sara would always say things like ‘You need to live your life like you’re one person, not two people!’ I was like, ‘I’m gonna write a song about it and make you sing it with me for 12 years.”

The result of this squabble was “Back in Your Head,” arguably their most popular song. The final film is peppered with these amusing insights, but always gets back to a serious appreciation for Tegan and Sara’s artistry and working relationship. 

A lot has changed in their dynamics since they hit the coffee shop scene at age 18. Now in their thirties, Tegan explains, “We’re on parallel roads, but then our roads kind of go through different landscapes all the time.” 

Loyal fans will love the nod to classic albums “This Business of Art”, “If It Was You” and “So Jealous.” The collection has depth. It is Tegan and Sara as a whole, from their gritty, punk roots through to the matured alternative pop of recent years.  

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