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REVIEW: LMFAO Rocks The Halloween Crowd At The Hollywood Palladium

Aislinn Glennon |
November 1, 2011 | 9:03 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

AMP Radio teamed up with Breakaway from Cancer and Stand Up to Cancer to throw the Pink at The Palladium Masquerade featuring LMFAO, Far East Movement, and LA92’s largest costume cash prize for the weekend of Halloween.

Last Saturday night at the Hollywood Palladium, Far East Movement opened up the Pink Masquerade ball with music from a horror movie, causing the crowd to anxiously move faster in their stilettos and pumped up kicks to get to their prime dancing spots to dance the night away.

Out on the stage DEV made her entrance cat walking in a sexy devil costume followed by the members of Far East Movement backed up by dancers decked out in slightly frightening Halloween costumes of psychopath killer pigs.

Much of the crowd was not impressed by the sound of FEM but they were all in good spirits dressed up in their favorite costumes and taking pictures throughout the evening.

Some less recognizable songs, "So What?" and "Girls on the Dance Floor" from their latest album Free Wired, faded to the background of their set, with their theatrical performance on stage. 

The male group members jumped around stage in their matching black pants, button up white shirts, skinny black ties, and party 80s style shades. The more recognizable song "Rocketeer" began with musical chords and the voice of Ryan Tedder, from One Republic. 

The crowd and Far East Movement sang in unison "Up, up here we go" while waving their arms side to side and gets everyone in the mood for the upcoming song "Like a G6."

When their Billboard chart topping song came on, the entire floor of the Palladium turned into a nightclub of Halloween characters grinding on the dance floor. The guys and DEV nailed the track, sounding just like the studio recording and getting everyone to feel their party groove.

Far East Movement also performed their newest song "Jello" which did not captivate the audience, but that could be mostly due to the poor sound engineering occurring for much of their set. This song has potential in the studio but the group has the right attitude of partying to go with their "Free Wired" genre of music.

Overall, musically speaking this group delivered more in studio, but their on stage act of pumping up a crowd and putting on a Halloween show of the female singer, DEV, getting killed by the psycho pig, proved itself in keeping the crowd's attention.

The party did not end there as DJs continued to spin the top songs from AMP radio, the host of PINK for October.

Out on the stage the lights dimmed and none other than a scantily dressed wrestler ran on stage reading the script for the opening of "Rock The Beat 2, '94,” and so began the sound of LMFAO's Party Rock.

The rest of the wrestler's troupe ran onto stage all decked out in spandex wrestling pants, body and face paint, and lucha libre wrestling masks with yours truly, Red Foo dressed as the Incredible Hulk Hogan, and Sky Blu in a cowboy hat and WWE championship title belt.

The upbeat, funky, and fast tempo "Sorry for Party Rocking" began with everyone singing the chorus in unison and the wrestlers jumping around the stage kicking a blown up zebra around the stage and eventually into the pulsing crowd.

Behind all the backup dancers was a table stacked with party rocking necessities. The wrestlers, during the song "Champagne Showers," created a human pyramid topped off with a beer bong to funnel all the champagne and fuel their party further.

And speaking of bottle service, no party set list would be complete without the song "Shots" in which Red Foo and Sky Blu jumped up and down raising their arms and getting the audience to jump to their high-energy beat.

Another song, "Put that A$$ to Work" featured one female dancer dressed as if Storm from X-Men was a wrestler, leading the wrestling troupe in a booty-shaking dance to the words, "Sexy girl, all around the world, just shake your hips and put that a$$ to work."

More booty shaking ensued with their infamous "Party Rock Anthem," in which everyone in the house sang along to the words and lost themselves in the buildup to the dance breakdown where all the ghouls, princesses, and monsters did the LMFAO shuffle.

The Hollywood Palladium's open floor allowed for everyone to dance like there was no tomorrow and get lost in the epic party rock sound of LMFAO.

Just as the show appeared to be over, the bouncing dirty beat of "Sexy and I Know It" began and all the wrestlers lined up on stage to begin their dirty dancing on stage to shake what they got. The female dancer performed a dance with Red Foo and used her sultry looks to tease him and the crowd. 

Just as everyone was drenched in sweat and the costume makeup was wearing off, LMFAO closed the song with strobe lights and drumming while the group lifted their arms in the air. 

Going out with a bang was the only way to properly end this party and LMFAO did just that. 

Next, the after party began for those who still had the energy to dance and the DJ spinned more top 100 hits. 

After an hour of dancing, AMP radio announced the finalists for the costume contest. G.I. Joe beat out the Tapatio man in a close tie and took home the big cash prize. 

Despite some sound issues at the beginning of the concert, everyone was in great spirits for AMP Radio's Halloween promotional concert against breast cancer.  

Far East Movement and LMFAO made such a knockout party duo that one attendee, Heather Haselwood, dressed in Red Foo glasses and 8 bit heart earrings from the "La La La" music video, said "It was the most party rocking night of my life. Now everyday I'm shufflin'."

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