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Occupy Vancouver Faces Shut Down As Judge Backs City

Paresh Dave |
November 18, 2011 | 3:44 p.m. PST


Creative Commons image of Occupy Vancouver.
Creative Commons image of Occupy Vancouver.
A British Columbia Supreme Court judge granted Friday the city of Vancouver's request to shut down Occupy Vancouver, meaning the city could start clearing tents and protestors out as soon as Monday afternoon.

The city had argued that the encampment outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery represented a threat to the expensive artworks inside. The protestors had said letting the city shut them down would unfairly restrict their freedom of expression. They also said they were providing shelter for the homeless and not causing any harm.

The occupiers opened their community Oct. 15.

A judge in New York ruled on Tuesday that protestors in the original encampment in Zuccotti Park could not stand, but that protestors could gather there as long as they kept their beds and tents out of the park.

In Toronto, officials have sought to shut down its city's tent community because of damage it is causing to the environment.

It's unclear what either side's next move will be. The protestors could try getting a formal permit or the city could forcibly remove the protestors if they don't do so voluntarily.

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