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"Modern Family" Recap: "After The Fire"

Samantha Katzman |
November 17, 2011 | 10:41 a.m. PST

Staff Contributer


"Modern Family" (ABC)
"Modern Family" (ABC)

In this week’s episode, the family reacts to a fire that burned down the home of a neighboring family. The Dunphy’s mobilize the community, getting donations to fill the family’s new rental home. 

Cam and Mitchell are distraught as the family lived a block away, Cam even needing to self medicate in order to sleep because he is so upset. The sleeping pills have an interesting affect on Cam, where most people have been known to sleep-talk or sleepwalk, Cam “sleep-clowns.” 

While moving boxes full of donations, Jay throws his back into spasm, and is unable to move or drive the Pritchett Closets moving truck. Cam offers to go get the truck and is offended when no one thinks he can drive it. He thinks the family believes a gay man cannot drive a large truck, and immediately tells tales of the combine and tractor he drove when he was a kid. But what he finds out later from Haley and Alex (after hitting 2 cars and being trapped on a dirt hill) is that they didn’t think he could drive the car because he “was him” not because he was gay. 

Phil, always seeking Jay’s approval, begs his father-in-law to let him massage out his back. After much persuasion, Jay agrees, and reluctantly enjoys himself. In a state of relaxation, Jay lets it slip and says, “I love you” to Phil, and gets nervous how Phil will react. But it was a substantial raise and promotion that prompted Phil's shocked reaction. 

Throughout the rest of the episode, a relationship blossoms between Luke and Manny, and we see Haley and Alex getting along in their quirky way. Claire begins to accept Gloria and try to get close to her after becoming jealous of her relationship with Mitchell. 

Next week an old neighborhood kid returns a huge success, and Thanksgiving turns into a competitive head-to-head in the Dunphy-Pritchett household.  

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