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Gwen Stefani Talks 'No Doubt' And New Clothing Line

Greg Asciutto |
November 17, 2011 | 1:17 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

A ripped Stefani on stage during No Doubt's 2009 tour (Creative Commons)
A ripped Stefani on stage during No Doubt's 2009 tour (Creative Commons)
It has been a long time since No Doubt released their last studio album; "Rock Steady," which featured the hits Underneath It All, Hella Good and Hey Baby, dropped in the winter of 2001.

Ten years later, 42-year-old ska princess Gwen Stefani is trying to put out a new record with the band, but the singer is an incredibly busy woman. Atop of her music career, Stefani balances her marriage, two children, L'Oréal Paris campaignhumanitarian work and a new clothing line.  

"I think lately, my secret is just trying to delegate," Stefani shared with Access Hollywood. "I just make priorities of what's important at the moment."

The release date for the sixth studio album is set for 2012, though ever since No Doubt's 2009 summer tour, the band keeps pushing it back.  

"We do this thing where we work on it really hard, and then we take breaks, because everybody has so much going on. That's why it's taking so long," Stefani commented.

The singer's HaraJuku Mini Clothing Line, which launched earlier this month at Target, provides stylish clothing for children at affordable prices. "I really wanted to do this so bad," she told Access Hollywood. "Being able to make stuff for the right price point and get it out there so people can actually have access to it... I feel really proud of it. It's fun to be creative." 

It's time for fans to get excited; though Stefani has been out of the studio for some time, she is now ready to channel that creativity into the new album: "Right now, the No Doubt record is everything for me." 

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