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Go Green With Hermès

Erika, Ostroff |
November 8, 2011 | 2:10 p.m. PST

Student Reporter

It’s the age of going green. Even fashion designers have jumped on the bandwagon. The French high-fashion line, Hermès, is reducing its carbon footprint with PETIT H – a collection made of salvaged couture material. 

Now fashionistas can recycle in style. The innovative line is the product of Pascale Mussard – the great-great-great granddaughter of Hermès founder, Thierry

www.tmagazine.com)" width="266.7" height="178" />. Mussard discovered misfit, damaged and unused inventory in the company’s workshop and decided to craftily recreate one-of-a-kind objects. 

Hermès silversmiths, goldsmiths, leatherworkers, seamstresses and other skilled specialists are paired with visionary artists who team up to create these unique designs, or what Mussard calls “Unidentified Poetic Objects” (UPO’s).

These PETIT H pieces take on a life of their own. They stray from the classic, yet drool-worthy Hermès Birkin bag or the perfectly polished “H” belt that can even make a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans scream classy. The PETIT H collection uses jewelry, furniture, hand bags, luggage and decorative accessories made up of materials ranging from the finest crocodile skins and rich mahogany chests to chipped ceramic dinnerware. The 2,000 plus artistic items are each limited edition – no two creations are alike. 

The collection includes staple pieces like necklaces made of defective silk scarves and porcelain pendants made of from chipped dishes and charms, which start at $40. But there are also quirky creations, like a crocodile hide racecar and a life-size panda-shaped beanbag made of bull and calf leather, which is marked at a whopping $100,000 dollars. 

Sip coffee in style with a PETIT H Hermès Coffee Cozy. These coffee sleeves are made out of reprocessed calfskin leather and are now available for purchase online for $190. They come in brown, green and red, but the designers pick the Cozy’s lining at random for a personal, unique and additive flare. 

The PETIT H collection has been on display in Paris, Berlin and Hong Kong boutiques. Some PETIT H objects are currently on sale in the New York store. 

Fashion trends may always be changing, but channel your urge for sustainability and go green with PETIT H. 


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