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Daily Hollywood – “Spartacus” Gets Season 3, Drake’s Latest Leak, and More

Lilian Min |
November 8, 2011 | 12:48 a.m. PST

Associate Entertainment Editor

There’s still 2 months to go until the Starz network favorite Spartacus: Blood and Sand’s season 2 starts, but already the show has been renewed for a 3rd season. This comes within months of the news that the show’s original star, Andy Whitfield, died from non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. (EW

Unlike most musicians, when Drake found out his new album “Take Care” (slated for release next week) leaked, he took it pretty lightly, tweeting: “Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it…” It’s nice to hear about a musician who knows better than to fight the Internet. (Vulture

First, there’s those two drastically different Snow White movies in production; now, two films about the scandalous art muse Effie Gray are in the works, one starring Keira Knightley, and one starring Dakota Fanning. (Indiewire)

Brett Ratner may have had a good weekend financially, with Tower Heist coming just shy of number one at the box office (to be fair, it was a weak weekend box office), but he’s in trouble now for saying “Rehearsal is for f*gs” during a screening of the film. He has since issued an apology. (The Hollywood Reporter

Lindsay Lohan recently served her full 30 day jail sentence except no. After spending just 5 hours in jail, Lohan has even more “good” news: her Playboy shoot, scheduled for the magazine’s 2012 Jan/Feb issue, was apparently mindblowingly amazing, with the star’s mom (!!!) signing off on it. In other news: ew. (US Weekly

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