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Closing Arguments Begin For The Conrad Murray Trial

Suji Pyun |
November 3, 2011 | 3:08 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Prosecutor tells the jury that it is Conrad Murray's fault that Michael Jackson is dead. (la times)
Prosecutor tells the jury that it is Conrad Murray's fault that Michael Jackson is dead. (la times)
Michael Jackson’s children were left crying in despair and will grow up without their father because of the “gross criminal negligence” of his doctor, said a prosecutor in his closing argument of the Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial, according to ABC News.

“For [Jackson’s children], this case doesn’t end today or tomorrow or the next day,” District Attorney David Walgren told jurors in his closing argument.  “For Michael’s children, this case will go on forever because they do not have a father. They do not have a father because of the actions of Conrad Murray.”

The Los Angeles Times reported Walgren accused Murray of being a “selfish and reckless” physician who put his needs ahead of Jackson’s and his children.

“The evidence in this case is overwhelmingly, abundantly clear that Conrad Murray acted with criminal negligence, that Conrad Murray caused the death of Michael Jackson, that Conrad Murray left Prince and Blanket without a father,” Walgren said in his closing argument in court.

He urged jurors to convict the doctor of involuntary manslaughter in the pop star’s death on June 25, 2009, stating that Murray corrupted the relationship of trust between a doctor and a patient.

“Michael Jackson trusted him with his own individual life and the future of his children, trusting that Conrad Murray, as he slept, would care for him so that in the morning he would awake to share a meal with his children,” Walgren said in his closing argument.  “But Conrad Murray corrupted that relationship, and for that Michael Jackson paid with his life."

According to CNN, Walgren told the court that Jackson was optimistic and hopeful about the future; he had hopes and dreams for himself and his family.

While prosecutors argue that Murray’s recklessness and negligence killed the star, the defense claims that Jackson gave himself a fatal dose of propofol when Murray wasn’t present and caused his own death.

ABC News reported that Judge Michael Pastor told the five women and seven men on the jury that in order to acquit Murray of involuntary manslaughter, they needed to find that Jackson’s death was due to an accident.  For jurors to find the doctor guilty, they must determine that Murray committed a lawful act with criminal negligence or failed to perform a legal duty with criminal negligence in order to find him guilty.

“You may not find him guilty of involuntary manslaughter unless you are convinced beyond a reasonable doubt he failed to perform a legal duty,” Pastor said. 




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