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Celebrities Using Fame For The Greater Good

Greg Asciutto |
November 19, 2011 | 10:00 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Mila Kunis and date Sgt. Scott Moore at Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, NC (Creative Commons)
Mila Kunis and date Sgt. Scott Moore at Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, NC (Creative Commons)
It's been one of those weeks in celebrity news. The Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore divorce has become embarrassing, baby-momma drama plagued America's favorite diva, a Hilton crashed into two parked cars, and get this: Kris Humphries is sad

While we debate the true composition of Kim Kardashian's million-dollar attribute, some celebrities are using their fame to constructively impact society.  

Mila Kunis attended the 236th annual Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, NC, on Friday night as a guest of Sgt. Scott Moore. This summer, Sgt. Moore, who had most recently been in Afghanistan, invited Kunis to the Ball via YouTube. The actress accepted the invitation in July after her "Friends With Benefits" costar Justin Timberlake urged her to "do it for [her] country." 

Friday, Kunis kept her word and attended the Ball, mingling with the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines throughout the evening. Last week, Timberlake also attended a Marine Crops Ball in Richmond, VA; Cpl. Kelsey De Santis invited the actor via YouTube as well. 

While Kunis was dancing with Marines, Lil Wayne and his Cash Money crew were down in New Orleans handing out turkeys on Friday night. For sixteen years, Cash Money and CEO Birdman have held annual turkey giveaways, lifting spirits throughout their home community for the holidays.

“It’s actually been my first time back here for the past eight or nine years and they’ve been doing this for fifteen years,” Wayne told MTV News. “Me just being super busy, always being on tour or something like that. But this is amazing, especially experiencing it now from the point of view of 29-year-old a person with the things that he needs in place.”

Bryan "Birdman" Williams added: "Knowing we once was them... for me to see that they see us... hopefully it's an inspiration for them and something positive can come out of it."  

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