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The Bart and Bombi Show: Bombi Makes His NFL Picks From Madrid Edition

Ryan Nunez |
November 24, 2011 | 3:19 a.m. PST

Staff Writer

Without Adrian Peterson, are the Minnesota Vikings the worst team in football? (Creative Commons).
Without Adrian Peterson, are the Minnesota Vikings the worst team in football? (Creative Commons).
With apologies to their fans, The Bart and Bombi Show will not be heard for the next two weeks.

Bombi has abandoned the States, for some R&R in Madrid, Spain.

Nonetheless, Bombi and Joe Scott are on fire with their NFL picks this year and will not let the momentum go to waste.

Here are the guys picks for all the Week 12 NFL Matchups.

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Scott: Texans - Matt Leinart gets the start, and gets his top weapon back in Andre Johnson. Arian Foster will run wild this week and Houston takes another step closer to the playoffs.

Bombi: Texans - Houston, we have a problem: We have no quarterback. This is the feeling for the majority of Texans' fans. Never fear though, Andre Johnson is making his return, Arian Foster is a badass and Matt Leinart will play decently enough, especially since it's Jacksonville coming to town. Houston wins in a laugher and continues to march towards their first playoff appearance.

Buffalo Bills at NY Jets

Scott: Jets - If the Jets lose this one, I can't see how they keep starting Mark Sanchez. The New York fans will murder this kid, and the media will be even worse. However, the Bills are struck a huge blow with the loss of Freddy Jackson and this one shouldn't even be close.

Bombi: Jets - Besides their fans, nobody would be put out too much if both of these teams just drop dead. Since the offensive deflation of Buffalo, both of these teams are so boring, you would think they are in the NFC West (heyo!). It's set to be about 5 degrees in New York for this one, so with that and the injuries on both sides in mind, bet the farm on the under and put my 10% in the mail. Oh yeah, almost forgot, Jets in a snoozer.  

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

Scott: Bengals - The Bengals almost beat the Ravens last week, and last time I checked, the Browns are nowhere close to the Ravens skill level. Expect a blowout here.

Bombi: Bengals - Sitting next to the Bills-Jets game, this one almost looks exciting. Like that game, this one is will be a complete stink bomb. Take the Bengals, put them and the under with the BUF-NYJ under and put my 25 percent in the mail.  

Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons

Scott: Falcons - If Adrian Peterson cant play, Minnesota loses the slim chance of hope they had in this game. Atlanta should destroy these guys, and it shouldn't be close.

Bombi: Falcons - The Vikings were already one of the worst teams in the NFL, before AP went down. Now, it's official. Minnesota is just another bottom feeder looking forward to the Luck-Barkley sweepstakes and now is the time for them to do everything in their power to ensure they get one of those two guys. Don't expect another win from Minnesota until 2012.     

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams 

Scott: Rams - Steven Jackson should be able to run all over the Arizona D, and with Kevin Kolb most likely out again, I don't think the Cards have a chance in this one.

Bombi: Rams - With the emergence of Brandon Lloyd as a legit Number 1 wideout, the Rams have brought themselves back from the dead, sort of. Nothing would be more embarrassing than for a team who doesn't need a QB to "win" one of the top spots in next year's draft. The Rams are fully aware of this, and will stomp Arizona to avoid any further embarrassment.

Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts

Scott: Panthers - Is this the week Indy wins? Probably not, but there is a chance. I just can't keep picking Indy and saying "this is there week." I have made that mistake too many times this season. No more. Panthers roll.

Bombi: Panthers - Good Lord, Indy stinks. If it weren't for Cam Newton and Steve Smith, this game would be nearly unwatchable. Peyton Manning is a helluva QB, but man, is he a terrible offensive coordinator. Indy's got nothing. That said, I think this one will be a barnburner. The Colts will miraculously pull their heads out of the sand long enough to give Cam a run for his money, but it'll be all Cam Newton-to-Steve Smith in the fourth quarter.     

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans

Scott: Bucs - Tampa showed me a lot last week against GB, and CJ has fallen back down to earth. With Hasselbeck dinged up, I think Tampa will get this one done.

Bombi: Titans - Will the real CJ please stand up!?! No really, stand up and start balling CJ. I'm tired of this...What? He can't hear me? Be professional? Okay, I'll try. Tampa Bay is Santa Claus for running backs. They've given up the second most fantasy points to opposing RB's and they're pass defense is even worse. Besides that, a loss would be nearly fatal to their playoff hopes. If that isn't enough to motivate CJ and the Titans, well then add them to the list of 2011 also rans.

Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders

Scott: Raiders - With Jay Cutler out, this changes the game, and gives Oakland the edge. Even though the Bears are probably the better team, I'm going with the Raiders at home.

Bombi: Raiders - Both teams have lost their opening day starting QB's but only one team signed Carson Palmer to fill their void. The other team has Caleb Hanie...'nuff said. Oakland rolls on the wheels of Michael Bush in yet another "under" for the ages.    

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks

Scott: Seahawks - Seattle plays very well at home, and Marshawn Lynch has emerged as a top RB in this league. Seattle should be able to get a W here. Emphasis on the word "should."

Bombi: Seahawks - This game should be the final surefire "under" call for the week. Rex with no help or Tarvaris with no help? I have no idea who to go for in that one, so let me re-frame this game by saying that I'll take Pete Carroll over Mike Shanahan every day of the week and I'll double down on Sundays.      

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

Scott: Chargers - Tebow magic has to run out sometime, right? San Diego has been on a terrible losing streak, but this should be the week they turn it around at home.

Bombi: Chargers - Tebow mania is officially on and even his detractors in the Denver Broncos front office have to admit it. It's obvious that John Elway bristles at the thought of Tebow being Denver's QB for the next ten years. The controversy seems to be simmering, evidenced by the waiving of former starter Kyle Orton, but things come back to a boil this week as Tebow turns in his first truly awful performance, and against a division rival no less. Hey Quinn, get your helmet ready.    

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles

Scott: Patriots - Whether Michael Vick plays or not, Tom Brady and the Pats should be able to out score Philly, and get another W on the road.

Bombi: Patriots - While this game looks awesome on paper, the fact is that the Eagles just aren't very good right now. The Patriots, on the other hand, are playing for all the marbles and have a golden opportunity to extend their lead in the AFC East. They do exactly that as the Eagles, with or without Vick, put up minimum resistance.    

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

Scott: Steelers - This is another no brainer. Pittsburgh's D should man handle Tyler Palko, and this will most likely be his last start. I wouldn't be surprised to see Orton starting next week.

Bombi: Steelers - Next...

NY Giants at New Orleans Saints

Scott: Saints - Brees at home should be able to outscore The Giants and Eli. This should be a high scoring game, and I see Brees having a huge game.

Bombi: Saints - After the Giants embarrassing loss last week, no one in their right mind should pick them. Drew Brees will complete 40 passes to 40 different receivers (slight exaggeration) and the Giants add a third L in a row to their record.

(Thanks to Joe Scott for contributing to this article)

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