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Why Is China Building Stadiums In Africa And Latin America?

Rachel Will |
October 27, 2011 | 12:37 a.m. PDT

U.S.-China Today

While Congress considers dramatically scaling back U.S. foreign aid, China's government is sailing in the other direction in hopes of building strong ties with countries that have the resources it needs to support manufacturing on the mainland.

This March, Costa Rica National Stadium opened in the capital city of San Jose at an estimated cost of $100 million. The stadium adds to a list of 85 sports facilities built with Chinese assistance, prompting some to label the country’s affection with sports-affiliated aid “stadium diplomacy.”

Chinese residents in Costa Rica have become an important political and cultural force in the country. There are now more than 45,000 Chinese living in Costa Rica, the second largest Chinese population in Latin America.

While stadiums are only a small component of China’s greater foreign aid policy, the massive, modern structures are a tangible reminder of Chinese assistance for even the most marginal members of society.

The U.S.-China Today has the full story about China's Stadium Diplomacy.



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