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"Survivor South Pacific" Episode 5 Recap

Jeremy Fuster |
October 13, 2011 | 5:46 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer

It's a word that makes fans grin and contestants shake with fear: BLINDSIDE!  And on the latest episode of "Survivor: South Pacific," that dreaded word made its first appearance this season.


The episode began with Stacey arriving at Redemption Island and reuniting with her old ally Christine.  The two immediately began discussing Coach's dominance over the Upolu tribe, and saw the other tribe members as willing servants that do his bidding.  Though only one of them would have a shot at staying in the game, they both planned to sabotage Coach's alliance from beyond the grave.

At the Redemption Duel, the two enacted their plan.  Stacey and Christine informed the two members of Savaii that had come to observe the Duel that Coach was in charge of a final five alliance, and that once the merge took place that they should target Coach, followed by his main alliance partners Albert and Sophie.  In addition, they decided to spit in the face of the Dragon Slayer by referring to Coach by his real name, Benjamin.  Oh, boy, Coach isn't going to be happy about that.  That's like referring to Shaggy as Norville, or to Plankton as Sheldon.

So following that moment of "Survivor" sacrilege, we started off with the Duel, which was a test of concentration.  The two players had to drop balls onto a spiraling metal track, and catch the ball at the bottom.  At certain intervals, more balls would be added, making it more difficult to catch the balls and keep the cycle moving.  First person to drop a ball goes home.

Both players started off with a good rhythm, but as more balls were added, Stacey failed to keep good spacing between drops. After four ball were added, Stacey let a ball drop while catching another, and Christine won her third consecutive duel.  Despite being backstabbed, Stacey felt proud of her performance in the game.  Can't blame her.  Don't think there are a lot of women who can say they lifted 140 pounds on her back on a reality show.

At Upolu, the tribe discussed the Duel, and sure enough, Coach was not happy about the whole Benjamin thing, saying that "if anyone calls me Benjamin to my face I'm going to go nuts."  Yeow.  Albert and Sophie were also unhappy with being exposed to Savaii as the biggest threats, so the two began hunting for the hidden immunity idol.  Albert struck first by finding one of the hidden clues, and he shared the clue with Sophie and Coach.  Based on the clue, the trio began searching up in trees along the shore, and after reaching into a few holes (and saying a few prayers), Coach found the idol and shared his discovery with Albert and Sophie as a token of appreciation for their trust.  Christine's going to be sick as a pig if she finds out about this.

At Savaii, the secret plan to shake up the Savaii Five-O alliance continued.  While discussing their newfound information about Upolu, Jim noticed that Ozzy had said that if he were Coach he would eliminated Albert early so there would be one less threat in the last stage of the game.  Jim saw this as a sign that Ozzy was unafraid to backstab his alliance partners if he he found it beneficial, and planned to use this against him.  Cochran, meanwhile, began to realize the truth behind an old proverb: "Never meet your heroes."  He noticed that Ozzy was using his reputation as a physical force and his safety in his alliance to do less work and spend more time with Elyse, while Cochran was forced to do more work to keep his spot in the tribe.  Gee, Ozzy annoying people with his flirtatious behavior?  What a shocker!

At the next immunity challenge, the two tribes faced off in another classic…and disgusting…challenge.  With their hands tied behind their back, both tribes had to bite chunks off of a giant roast pig and drop them in a basket. The tribe that puts the most meat in their basket wins immunity along with vegetables, bread, and spices.  As expected, the challenge was absolutely gross, with Cochran remarking that he was going to contract diseases from the game.  And like every challenge so far, it was extremely close.  When the baskets of meat were weighed, Upolu had won by only two ounces! Jeez, Upolu and Savaii could be the most evenly-matched tribes ever.  If they have equal numbers going into the merge, it should make for very interesting television.

While Upolu celebrated their biggest win yet, Cochran, Jim, and Dawn prepared to make their big move against Ozzy.  Jim came up to Keith in an attempt to get the swing vote and told his alliance partner that he felt that Ozzy may backstab them.  Keith supported the plan and decided that it was time for Elyse to go, but was also worried about losing Ozzy's trust.  So he decided to take things in a different direction.  Knowing that Ozzy and Elyse planned to vote for Cochran, Keith went to Whitney and proposed voting for someone other than Cochran so that Ozzy lost his four-vote majority.  This way, Jim would take the fall for breaking up the alliance, and Ozzy would be weakened.  Whitney agreed to the plan, and the eggs were in the scrambler.

At Tribal Council, the plan succeeded, and Savaii Five-O was destroyed.  Ozzy and Elyse voted for Cochran; Jim, Cochran, and Dawn voted for Elyse, and Keith and Whitney threw their votes against Dawn.  By a 3-2-2 vote, Elyse was blindsided sent to Redemption Island, leaving Ozzy absolutely stunned.

On the next episode, Ozzy announces that he no longer trusts anyone and is a "free agent."  With the idol in his possession, how will the power structure at Savaii change?  Will Christine be able to continue her Redemption Duel winning streak alive and fulfill her dreams of revenge against Coach?  Or will Elyse get back in the game so we can all see more of that gorgeous body of hers? Find out next week!

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